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Why You Should Buy Satellite Images From SpyMeSat

Get affordable real-time satellite images and gain access to in-demand archived satellite images!

Orbit Logic announced the SpyMeSat mobile in 2015 that is available for both Android and iOS devices. SpyMeSat delivers actual images from satellites and offers customer access to hundreds of archived satellite images. Customers also have access to the feature “New Tasking” from their mobile device, allowing you to select a specific location for satellite images.

SpyMeSat mobile app also offers high-resolution commercial images and the ability to preview images before purchasing through the app. The process from locating an image, previewing and selecting it, to purchasing and downloading the image can be done within the mobile app in a matter of a few seconds.

You also have the option to view archived images and download images from any specific location. Downloading an image from a certain area is done with the “World’s Longest Selfie Stick” and requests that the satellite take your picture. The “Tasking” feature allows you to locate the exact time a satellite will attempt to make an image, giving you the perfect opportunity to purchase an image of you and friends.

What SpyMeSat Satellites Provide

Orbit Logic had signed an agreement with ImageSat International to gain access to the EROS-B satellite. This makes the EROS-B the first satellite associated with SpyMeSat that can task over Western Europe, North America, and regions around Australia and New Zealand. The EROS-B satellite can produce 70cm black and white resolution images. This is one of the smallest numbers of sub-meter resolution commercial satellites in the world.

Our app can access multiple satellites to gain images for:

  • Academics
  • Climate Records
  • Cloud Structure
  • Dataset Availability
  • Images for Products or Services
  • Map Graphics
  • Performance Study
  • Raise Awareness
  • Real-time Positioning
  • Research
  • Satellite Data
  • Space Study

With approximately 5,000 satellites circling today, on the other hand, there are more than 10,000 that are no longer working. From these, only a few have functional cameras that are used to view the Earth and space. These satellites also are used for global research, communications, and telecommunications.

Satellite Image Purchase Pricing

If you buy satellite images from SpyMeSat, our image prices can fit anyone’s budget. With satellite images ranging from $10 to $100 per image depending on the resolution, size, and age, you can ensure you receive the image in which you are looking for. Customers also have the option to view image resolution before opting to purchase them. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can choose the New Tasking feature or continue browsing our library. The price for new tasking begins at $500 – which makes SpyMeSat a more affordable option for higher resolution satellite images. When you find the image you are looking for, download it in the SpyMeSat mobile app. The image is downloaded in seconds in a JPEG format. However, some images are available to be sent via email in the GeoTIFF format.

Can Anyone Buy Images from SpyMeSat?

The simple answer is yes. Once you have set the specific location in which you want to retrieve your image – you will receive a preview of the image from the “Available Satellite Imagery.” Once you have selected your image, you can change the size of your picture using the “1KM” and “2KM” buttons. Once you have decided on the perfect size, you can purchase this image by selecting “Buy Image.” However, your privacy is vital to SpyMeSat, so you have the option to set up an account with us, or you can purchase your image anonymously.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation. You will be able to download the image to the “SpyMeSat Satellite Imagery” page and view it. Once the image has been downloaded, you can click on it to see your picture in full resolution. You can also have the image emailed to yourself so you can share it with others or on social media.

Are High-Resolution Images Affordable on SpyMeSat?

After creating an account and downloading your image from the SpyMeSat app, the actual cost of your image is dependent on the satellite provider. Typically, the exact price of your image is based on the age, quality, and size. If you purchase an image straight from the camera, you can find yourself paying more for that image than if you were to buy one from the archived library. So, if you want high in demand pictures, you can expect to pay a little more for them.

Also, the resolution of the picture can determine the pricing. Some individuals want higher resolution picture but want lower resolution during tasking. By doing this, this typically meets the customer’s standards when images are not being used for commercial purposes.

Also, before setting your task, you can view and compare different satellites along with the pricing and resolution. By doing this, this helps give you all the necessary information and be able to make an informed decision on your image before purchasing.

With SpyMeSat, you are gaining high-quality, high-resolution images, both current and archived. All images are reasonably priced and can fit anyone’s budget. Download the SpyMeSat mobile app today and begin browsing satellite images.

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