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Published on September 17th, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


Reasons Why You Should use iLobby Visitor Management System

In this digital world, companies are getting smarter and creating unique ways of solving different problems. However, when it comes to managing the visitors, even the biggest players in the industry sometimes lag.

Even though the traditional pen and paper model can help the companies to get the names and other information of the visitor, it cannot address the real and unique requirements of different organizations of today.

The visitor management system of iLobby addresses this problem right at its core. It not only keeps track of the visitors to your company but also makes sure that your facility is safe and secure all the time.

If you have never heard of our unique visitor management system, perhaps now is the best time to do so. Check the following section of this article to know why you should avail our smart system at the earliest.

Blog | iLobby® Visitor Management | Secure SaaS Software

Regulatory Compliance

Whenever we talk about a visitor management system, we consider the brand image, security and productivity first. However, for some companies, the visitor management system does not work only as a great tool for impressing your clients. It also works as the central point of the regulatory compliance of the company.

Depending on the industry, different companies have to make sure that they follow different types of regulatory compliance. The visitor management system of iLobby is flexible enough to help the companies maintain the requirements irrespective of the industry.

The system quickly captures and stores the information to make sure that your compliance requirements are met all the time. Not only that, our system keeps tracks of the visitors coming to your organization and stores all the information in such a way that you always remain prepared for the audits.

The smart system is flawless and thus, provides the companies with indisputable records and logs that reflect all the details about the people that have visited your facility. The entire process of our smart system is electronic and all the tracking of information about a visitor can be done automatically.

With our system, you can easily create different visitor workflows depending on the purposes. You can also make sure that each of them is following all the necessary step by step processes. The system stores all the digital signs and the time-stamped documents right in the cloud. That means you can download the entire document anywhere anytime.

Physical security

The smart system of iLobby manages the physical access of the visitor to your office automatically. With the help of this smart system, you can authorize or decline the access of some people at a certain date and time from entering your building.

The smart system streamlines the entire visitor management process. With the help of this system, you can physically restrict the entrance of the visitors you don’t want to your facility at any point of time.

You just have to integrate our smart system with the access control system of your building, and it will take care of the rest of the problems. Our system is highly flexible and integrates with most of the major access control systems available on the market.

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Data security

The professionals of the company have created the visitor management system with the strictest data security principles, encryption and infrastructure. Our company has placed stringent measures and processes to get control over the data security and to make sure that each of those data is protected all the time.

Our professionals actively check the collection, use, retention, disposal and disclosure of the data to make sure there is no threat at any point of time. Our engineers respond promptly to any potential vulnerabilities and threats whenever there is one.

iLobby goes through the penetration testing and technical audits regularly to retain the high standards the company has created for itself. We are working round the clock to make sure all your data is secure and available all the time. We work hard to check that our system is functioning alright while maintaining all the strict standards and service level agreements of the company.

Emergency Evacuations

Every company is liable for creating a safe evacuation plan in case of any emergency. While most companies use the pamphlets and notices in their building to let the visitor be aware of the issue, with the help of the smart system of our company, you can help your visitors know about your emergency evacuation plan right away. The system can notify your visitors about the evacuation process digitally when they arrive at your office.

This system solves yet another problem associated with emergencies. Most of the time people forget to collect the paper logbooks at the time of emergency. This loss of important documents can create huge financial as well as human problems for the company in the long run. As our smart visitor management system stores the data in the cloud, there are no chances of that in the face of an emergency.

So, these are some of the basic benefits of using the smart visitor management system of iLobby. Now that you know the benefits of this system, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our professionals, and install our system in your company today.

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