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The Importance of Employee Happiness

A healthy and harmonious working environment is very important to the success of a company. That is because happy workers tend to be more productive, and leaders need to be aware of this factor when managing their companies.

Della Bradshaw, from Financial Times, recently highlighted some studies about the search for happiness in the workplace and how it can be important to businesses. Bradshaw cited a psychologist and professor at the University of Management from Singapore , Christie Scollon, whose research shows that happier people earn more money, are healthier and are more creative in solving problems.

Younger companies are more able to focus on the happiness of their employees, in order to keep business thriving. Where this does not happen, leaders must realize that, when people really like to work, success comes more easily to everyone.

In order to lead a team that strives to follow a common goal, based on an innovative and inspiring work, managers need to pay attention to feedback coming from their employees. Listening carefully to what they have to say is important, as well as taking their ideas and suggestions into account – this is one of the best ways to increase the happiness index.

Companies like Google and Facebook are often cited as examples of companies that have adopted good practices in relation to their employees. Zuckerberg’s company, for instance, was recently elected by employees as the best company to work for.

However, starting a culture like this is not easy, but there are some services that can help on this. Parklet, for example, help in the integration of newcomers by taking the hassle of all bureaucracy and by connecting everyone, which obviously makes for an easier integration and makes newcomers feel welcome.

Regardless of the methods chosen to assist in these processes, technological or not, the most important thing is to realize that a company is somewhat similar to a family, with its own culture and values. With this, it will then be much easier to have happy employees.

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