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BPO Analytics and Various KPIs to Analyze 

For a call center, the customer satisfaction and optimized process are the most important outputs. However, achieving these results is more complex. There are many factors that work together to affect these results. These factors need to continuously be monitored and analyzed. Using BPO analytics, not just these metrics can be monitored but hidden issues can be identified and resolved. The machine learning-driven analytics helps the BPOs to create futuristic strategies and stay ahead in the game.

Below are a few important metrics to be measured and analyzed:

Wait and Hold Time

In contact centers, the time measurements are the most crucial KPIs to be measured and looked at. Customer satisfaction increases with reduced time in reaching the desired solution. By monitoring the queue time, it can be identified the time taken by the whole process before the customer reaches an executive. By ring time it can be understood that how long the phone ringed before it got answered by an agent. So essentially waiting time compromises both the queue time and ring time. Through average wait time managers can know the average time the customer had to wait. They can identify the channels, division, and processes associated with it and improve upon.

Call Time

You also need to know that as soon as a customer is connected to an executive, what is the amount of time they spend on it. The duration of the conversation customer and an agent is called talk time. However, one thing to note here is the customer might already have spent some time before the actual conversation starts. The total duration of time a customer spends on the call right from the ringing to IVR to agent conversation. This allows the BPO leaders to know the customer’s efforts and how fast their problems get solved or their questions got answered.

Abandonment Rate

There are a big number of people who abandon or hang up before reaching the agents. Abandonment rate is another crucial KPIs to monitor. It is the division of the total number of calls hanged up by the total number of calls received initially. This monitoring can give you many insights on multiple things such as what is the prime cause of this abandonment, what is the average wait time, what wait time is considered long and which is acceptable. It could inform you of many other hidden issues that could need your time.

Agent Performance

The call center executives are the face of the company and are the ones who are directly in contact with the customers. Their productivity and performance can both positively and negatively impact on a bigger level. This metric will inform you about the effectiveness of their work and their behavior. Proper analysis of this KPI can let you know if the agents are able to quickly solve customer’s issues and what is the general satisfaction among the customers. This can also point out if the executives need further training to make the process even quicker. This will help in optimizing the process and improve the customer experience.

Agent productivity

Observing and analyzing the agent productivity is equally important KPI. It can include various activities the agents take up like attending calls, doing training, taking breaks, doing after-call work, and others. This will let you know how efficiently the executives are spending their day and time.

Call Quality

Call quality measures the quality of the conversation between the agent and the customer and how well it was. These conversations can be given a quality score. The quality score for each agent, department, day, and more can be given. This will let you know of the facets and the areas that need to be optimized or changed.

Detection of Silence and Crosstalk

There are a few more KPIs like silence and crosstalk that can determine the customer experience. The conversations between the agent and the customers should not be filled with too much silence. It can signify the lack of exact knowledge, slow process, or anything else. Also, there must not be any crosstalk that is the executives must not speak until the customer has finished his sentence. Monitoring these KPIs can improve customer satisfaction levels.


These are just a few sets of KPIs that must be monitored or tapped to optimize your BPO or call center performance. There are more factors that must be considered to give a 360-degree analysis of the call center and agents. After all, the customers are the king be it retail or any other sector. Their satisfaction can highly improve a company’s performance, help build relationships, and induce loyalty. BPO analytics is surely paving a stronger and optimized path towards it.

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