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Best media player for playing all media files on My Macbook

Today, you can find plenty of applications and software available online for your computer or laptops to meet your personal or business needs. Whether you are using a Windows laptop or Macbook, it is very easy to find out the right software or applications over the web.

If you own a Macbook or device that has macOS running on it, without any doubt you have access to the best operating system in the world. But it is not implied that everything is perfectly available with the device. There are some areas where the Mac users feel disappointed due to the limited capabilities of the inbuilt software or applications.

One such important software is the inbuilt Mac video player which functions very well but can meet only the basic multimedia needs of the customers. The users are always looking for something extra that is more flexible and easy in operations since it might be a challenge or not possible in the inbuilt software.

The major setback of Mac’s in-house media player is that it cannot play all the video/multimedia formats which are the reason, the users look for other third-party software to meet all their requirements.

So, you would be wondering as to which media player is best suitable for Macbook and can play almost all the video formats. While there are several options to select from, we will help you with the list of best media players for Macbook or macOS devices in 2020 to meet your needs. The best options will also take care of your pockets, do not make the system heavy, and provide a user-friendly interface. These apps also support high-resolution videos including 4K formats.

  1. Elmedia Player
  2. VLC Media Player
  3. Just Play
  4. 5K player
  5. Cisdem Video player
  6. IINA


It is the top choice amongst the Mac users due to its multifunctionality and able to support a wide range of formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, MKV, FLV, and others). You also do not need additional plugins or codecs to run the different video formats. It also offers excellent streaming of content on Smart TV, Apple TV, and others. The HD quality videos can be played without any interruptions or any kind of delay.

The users can access the browser without closing the app and are also able to do few customizations of speed, equalizer tuning to get superior sound quality, subtitle delay, etc. Bookmarks and add to favorites are also possible to enable you to find the videos easily. It is a fantastic media player for the latest versions of macOS but has limited support for older devices. The PRO version of the app comes with a host of other features to enhance your video experience. It would cost around $19.95.

VLC Media Player

It can be titled as one of the best alternatives for Mac and also supports many video formats. It is freeware, lightweight, and has an open-source platform to play the videos. You can also play DVDs and audio CDs and also be able to stream webcams. Like Elmedia, it also does not require any additional codecs and runs smoothly without any delay or unsynchronization. The macOS is one of the most secure operating systems and therefore VLC media player has also maintained high-level security and privacy of the user data. The appearance doesn’t seem so attractive but different customizations and editing tools for extensions and personalized skins make it a popular choice amongst the users. You can also watch online videos and the download of any content will be directed to your laptop/computer. The hardware and software limitations result in glitches during the playback of 4K videos. It also consumes more battery life.

Just Play

Just Play is one of the contenders amongst the best media players for Mac. Although compact in storage size, it has powerful capabilities and also supports various formats. It can play 4K and 8K videos seamlessly without any interruptions. The codes and hardware are built-in which makes it a versatile media player. It is not free and has only a paid version.

5K player

It is another fantastic option for Mac users as it can also play many types of video formats such as 4K, 1080p HD videos including MP4, WMV, MTS, and MKV. It can also play audio files, CDs, DVDs. It is multifunctional that can play HD videos, download online videos, stream media on Airplay, and DLNA. It is efficient and does not consume more battery power. The user interface is very simple and easy to use. 5K player can easily convert the video to MP3 audio formats. The new users will need some time to configure it in their system.

Cisdem Video Player

Like Elmedia and VLC media player, this media player also supports many video formats including 5K and full HD videos. It provides the best viewing experience for the HD videos as compared to other players. There is no requirement of codecs or additional software required to play the videos. It ensures the privacy of users and doesn’t track your searches. The best part of the software is that there are zero ads during the videos.

It has many customization and controls for playback and supports all versions of macOS. The interface is user friendly and very easy to use.


It is one of the latest third-party media players for macOS. The app is designed keeping in mind the requirements of Mac users and supports various formats to give maximum performance. It can play a wide range of media files and also provide a soothing eye experience. It is stable and has an open-source platform with several options for customizations such as video editing, picture in picture mode, and many more. It provides an ad-free viewing on YouTube. The .avi files crash often. The player has a heavy CPU and storage size as compared to other players.

The 5 important things to be kept in mind while choosing the media player for Mac.

  1. Able to play all video formats
  2. Compatible with all versions of macOS
  3. User-friendly Mac interface
  4. Customizations are possible
  5. Ad-free viewing

So, go ahead and choose the media player which meets your requirements.

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