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Why Summer Sees the Highest Rate of Home Invasions

The summer is a joyful time of relaxation and vacations. For so many, it’s a time away from the stress of life to embark on adventures with family and friends. But the world is not so perfect during this time of year.

A burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the United States, with nearly 2.5 million robberies occurring every year. In 2016, a reported 278,600 home break-ins occurred at night, and nearly 500,000 took place during the day. These robberies leave families devastated.

Break-ins are more common during the summer months. They increase by ten percent during June, July and August. As a result, your house may be vulnerable while you’re enjoying the summer months with your family.

Why do we see spikes in robberies and home invasions during the summer months? Are there any ways you can safeguard your home from potential intruders? Is a wireless alarm system enough, or does your home require other methods of protection? Read on to explore these questions further.

Why home invasions spike during the summer

More People Out of Town

Home invasions increase during the summer, primarily because people are home less often. During the winter months, people can be expected to be at home. Many people are not interested in adventuring for the day when the weather is frigid. But with people packing up for vacations or heading out for day trips, many homes are left unattended. These vacant homes are prime targets for robbers.

Longer Days, More Opportunities

The expansion of daylight provides ample time to case a home and decide whether it is safe to invade and rob. Since so many people leave the house for longer periods of the day, robbers know they have more time to commit their crimes.

How to Keep Yourself Protected from a Home Invasion

There are numerous ways to protect your home, but there are a few that work best. These measures can help you prevent and prepare for home invasions.

Stay Prepared

Someone has broken into your home, and you’re not home. Now they’re on the hunt for valuables and items they can turn around and sell for a profit. While you can’t protect everything in your house, you can protect some of your most valuable items by storing them in a home safe. Home safes let you store items in a highly-guarded chamber that will stay locked, no matter what.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, most safes are near impossible to penetrate. Modern biometric fingerprint safes only allow access with a successful scan of your fingerprint.

Upgrade Your Locks

High-grade, durable locks are imperative for keeping burglars out. A cheap lock can be conquered in less than a minute, allowing a robber to invade your home without breaking a window or leaving a trace.

High-grade locks allow you to improve your overall home security by making your doors nearly impenetrable. By upgrading the locks at each of your entryways, you can add the necessary security to maintain your home’s entry points.

Install outdoor lighting systems

Outdoor security lights do more than help you see clearly at night. They illuminate people that wish to go unseen. Most security lights have the ability to remain off until they sense motion. Using motion-activation technology, these lights will turn on if anybody creeps into your yard.

Place these lights by your driveway and all of your home’s entry points. For extra security, hang some cameras near your lights. Intruders will choose another house rather than risk being caught on camera.

Indoor lighting

In addition to outdoor lighting, it’s smart to install thoughtful indoor lighting, too. Smart home devices allow you to control lighting even when you’re nowhere near home. You can use these programs to access your home lighting system right from your phone. And if you’d like to rely on the mechanical method, there are traditional timers, too. Consider using these timers to light your home while you are away. Hopefully, the burglars will think you’re home and look for another house.

Protecting your home is all about preparation. You need to ensure that your home is prepared to prevent a potential break-in before it ever happens. Think about how you can improve your home security before it’s too late.

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