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Why Nearshoring Is an Effective Route to Agile Development

In the last decade or so, outsourcing software development has become quite significant in the business world, and it has led to an increase in the geographic options available. These include nearshoring, offshoring, and onshoring. For years, traditional offshoring was the preferred choice for many companies because of cheap labor. However, with the rising need for agile development because of better communication, collaboration, and a high level of engagement, nearshore software development becomes beneficial in many ways. Keep in mind that the advantages of software outsourcing increase when you don’t only look at the hourly rate and instead consider all the factors that affect the overall ROI of the engagement. This article intends to give you a clear picture of why you need nearshore outsourcing for agile development. Take a look!

Real-time communication

When it comes to agile software development, communication is everything. What’s more, it’s not just any communication. It should be in real-time. You need a team that you can work on anything with throughout the workday. Doing that facilitates working on any issue that may arise immediately. With an offshore team, it may be hard to achieve that because of the significant timeline difference. In such a situation, communication gets affected since everything will have to be scheduled and meet a specific plan to be effective. All this is not what agile software development is all about. Nearshoring eliminates such problems since you and your IT sourcing team can communicate in real-time.

Enhanced integration

Agile development is only possible when everything is working seamlessly. Whatever team you choose to work with should be familiar with each other’s cultures and languages to create better harmonious integration of the outsourced resources. It will be like an extension to your existing team. Nearshoring is the only way you can be sure that you have teams that understand each other and can drive your company to achieve its common goal.

Better infrastructure

Using nearshore software development guarantees a better infrastructure to meet your business requirements. Remember, choosing to work with a team from a country with reliable internet and communication infrastructure will make sure whatever project you are working on doesn’t get sidelined. Whatever circumstances arise, with excellent infrastructure, solving problems becomes quite easy. This is what agile development is all about. Projects don’t get delayed because of a crumbling infrastructure.

Access to a larger talent pool

Outsourcing your project to nearshore developers gives you access to a wide range of talent and helps find resources with the right expertise. It is an excellent option for agile development as it bridges the skill gaps, especially for projects done only once.

Any company that wants to remain agile, there’s no other way but to stick to Nearshore software development. Time differences are a significant aspect, and to achieve the required communication for agile development, they have to be minimal or nonexistent. Likewise, you can’t overlook the benefits that cultural similarities come along with. Nearshoring will help you achieve your company goals while remaining agile.

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