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This Business of Blocking the Sun. Are the Democrats Playing God?

Perhaps some control-minded Democrats in Congress want to play God.

They are playing with fire.

Think about it. They have come up with this plan they claim will improve the world’s climate in which something called geoengineering will be used to . . . get this, block out the sun!

That’s right, block out the sun!

You might laugh and ask yourself why in the world these liberal politicians would want to try to block out the sun?

“Blocking out the sun,” you tell the wife, “would spoil our summer visits to the beach.”

“There goes my awesome tan,” she says.

“You’re right, honey,” you might say. “And what about my garden? Tomatoes ain’t gonna grow if there is no sun beaming down on them.”

Global warming is no laughing matter to these Democrats

We may be laughing, but global warming and the condition of the environment is no laughing matter to these Democrats on the House Select Committee for the Climate Crisis. Somewhere in their bulky 500-page, multi-million dollar study, we are told how Democrats would use geoengineering to cool things down.

Geoengineering? What is that?

Well, most dictionaries define geoengineering as “the deliberate large-scale manipulation of an environmental process that affects the earth’s climate, in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming.”

That’s a mouthful.

But the key word there is “manipulation.” The Democrats’ manipulation of the environment would include, yes, blocking out the sun and also sucking carbon from the air we breathe.

“The Democrats’ plan includes both,” one writer observes, “but it’s the blocking of the sun that’s particularly worth looking at, given the risks.”

Another observer says the earth could indeed be made cooler by using minute particles to bounce the reflection of the sun back into space.

“It saddles the world with serious issues”

“But what they are proposing saddles the world and its inhabitants with serious issues,” he warns. “I’m referring to crucial problems involving weather patterns. And where will it end once we begin to block the sun?”

Whatever the case, governmental agencies, scholars, scientists and groups of tree -hugging environmentalists continue to grow increasingly worried. They fret over our lack of ability to do something about climate change.

So, the idea of geoengineering as a solution has become more and more accepted. The ultimate goal is to reduce the warming on earth by reducing the amount of sunshine the earth receives.

The sun has been tinkered with in the past. It happened more than three thousand years ago and involved a man named Joshua.

You can look it up. It is in The Book.

It happened soon after Joshua and the Israelites entered the Promised Land. Joshua had vowed to protect the Gibeonites from five armies, so he led his army into battle and defeated five kings and their warriors.

The key to Joshua’s success was his faith, faith in a God who answered Joshua’s prayers to help the Israelites by stopping the sun.

Some say it never happened. But it did.

Joshua prayed to God in the heat of battle

It happened as the men of Israel were mixing it up in the heat of battle. Joshua prayed, saying, “Let the sun stand still over Gibeon and let the moon stand in its place over the valley of Ayalon” (Joshua 10:12).

Never happened?

A group of Cambridge researchers now contend the exact date of when Joshua prayed and the Lord stopped the sun was Oct 30, 1207 B.C. It is, they say, the day of the oldest eclipse ever recorded, precisely 3,224 years ago.

The scholars dismissed earlier Chinese reports of eclipses as unreliable, noting that the Bible contains the only record of a solar eclipse prior to 1000 B.C.

As much as the Democrats want to be in control of our environment, they need to realize just what might await any individual or group of alleged wise men that tries to play God.

They are playing with fire.

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