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Published on August 11th, 2020 | by Ali Dino


JJSPY Review: Cheap Mobile Phone Spy Software for Android Phone

We woke up to spy tracking devices, with most of them claiming to help monitor a target phone remotely. This was good news for parents that want to keep an eye on what their children are doing and employers who want to reduce the likelihood of time theft and misuse of business assets. Although most of these spy apps promised to bring heaven on earth at a low price, very few of them kept their word.

Today, the number of spy apps on the internet is increasing drastically, which brings confusion among users. Most people end up paying for unreliable features and services, while others find themselves incurring a lot of money on such apps. The few apps that genuinely help you keep an eye on your kid’s or employees’ phones and tablets charge a high amount of money as fees every month. Consequently, I decided to check the internet for cheap, affordable, and reliable spy tools that can actually assist you to monitor everything from location to calls on any phone.

Should I Track My Child’s Phone?

Yes, there’s a need to track your child’s phone until they’re old enough to take full responsibility for their actions. Children, especially girls, are projected to all forms of online dangers, including sexual harassment, bullying, and exploitation. For that reason, you should choose a reliable tracking tool that allows you to know what your kid is doing on the phone and where they’re in real-time. JJSPY, for example, gives you the ability to check the call logs, apps, messages, location, camera, microphone, and at the same time gives you the capability to block all the messages, websites, calls, and apps that are not appropriate.

Should I Track My Employee’s Business Tablets?

In the US, the employer has the authority to keep an eye on what his employees are doing in real-time during work hours. If you’re one of the employers with field staff, be sure that there may be instances of time theft, misuse of some company assets, and low productivity. For that reason, you should opt for Mobile Tracking software that can inform you where the specific Employee is in real-time and at the same time, give all the details about their actions on the phone. However, it’s only permitted to track their job tablets and not their personal phones. You will also need their consent before tracking the phones.

Obviously, the employers track their field staff all the time, probably because they want to keep an eye on their company assets such as tablets, company vans, and other equipment. Employers also need to track their personnel to know for sure if they are clocking in and out of work on time.

What is the Best Spy Software for Android?

JJSPY is hands down the most reliable, functional, affordable, and powerful mobile phone spy app for all types of phones and tablets. Although the app works perfectly fine with both Android and iPhones, I noted that it’s the best app for tracking android phones.

One major reason why I have given this app such credit is because of its powerful monitoring features. The features are slightly different for iPhones and Android phones. I’ve actually listed all the basic and premium features of JJSPY.

One major benefit is that with JJSPY, you can initiate a live camera, listen live to calls and read SMS at any time of the day. There are very few apps in the market today that offer such abilities. Here are additional premium features:

  • Monitor and block some apps-In case you noticed that some apps on your kid’s phones are irrelevant or carry some bad content, you can block them remotely.
  • Check Messages-It’s time to check who they’re speaking to and what’s the content of the messages.
  • Live location-Where the kid, and the employees are in real-time. It’s that easy; you can check on real-time location wherever you’re.
  • Activate camera remotely
  • Activate microphone remotely
  • Check on WhatsApp and other social apps
  • Block some websites

Is JJSPY a Genuine Spy Software for Android and iPhone Devices?

There are dozens of spy apps out there, with most of them offering worthless services. I have personally bought and tested over 30 spy apps to see whether they’re specifically helpful or just another tricky way to harvest every coin in people’s reserves.

Because there are some significant differences between Phones OS, one spy app that works for Android may not be the best for iOS. For that reason, I have tested JJSPY for Both Android and iPhone to establish whether the app is genuine or another scam in the market.

JJSPY is a good and genuine spy app in the market to help parents monitor their kid’s behavior on the phone, whether Android or iPhone. The software is created by known developers, has functional customer service and refund policy in case you want to get your money back. Again, you’re only required to pay the money monthly, which means you can cancel the subscription and resume another month when you’re comfortable.


  • The app has competitive and affordable prices
  • You can install in 3-easy steps
  • It works for both iPhones and androids
  • The app works in stealth mode
  • You can monitor and track the screen Time
  • Geo-fencing features
  • You can view media files
  • Can take photos remotely
  • Block some websites and apps on the target phone

JJSPY cons

  • Lacks some advanced features
  • The price is comparatively high

What is the Cheapest Spy Software for iOS?

JJSPY may not be the cheapest Android and iPhone spy tool, but it’s one of the best for all kinds of phone tracking needs. With countless basic and premium features, you can expect the best after installing it. The app has been tested for legitimacy and affordability,and it falls in the category of the best and the most affordable tracking apps. Don’t be afraid to give it a try today.

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