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Dialer System Options for Call Centers – What You Need to Know

Thanks to this digital age, thousands of process automations made possible by the many advancements in technology have inspired companies to continuously aim for excellence. For instance, in the call center industry, one of the companies’ primary investments is a digital solution they call the dialer system.

At the core, a dialer system is a computer program that automatically places outbound calls to customers from a contact center. Its main purpose is to lessen the cost incurred in placing phone calls by eradicating a lot of error-prone and repetitive work but aside from that, it also enhances process efficiency by automatically connecting available call center agents to waiting customers.

Another great feature about the dialer system is its automated dialing which omits call center agents’ task of manually inputting telephone numbers which can eat up a lot of their time. With a good dialer system, agents will be able to improve their productivity as most of their time will be spent on actual conversations with customers.

How does a dialer system look like?

Back in the days, dialer systems come with pieces of hardware that needed to be configured like a phone. These days, though, they have evolved and become purely software-based. Comes with the advancements in technology, are people’s increasing and varying expectations about how a dialer system should work. Because of this, developers have categorized dialer systems based on their areas of focus.

Types of Dialer Systems Call Centers Use

When it comes to choosing between sales dialer systems for your business or your call center, you typically have three options to choose from and each of them has its shares of pros and cons in attempting to reach your leads.

1. Power Dialers

Also known as preview dialer, a power dialer is ironically the slowest type of sales dialer system because of its 1:1 calling ratio capability. Power dialers enable sales agents to preview their prospect’s information and profile, thus giving them the freedom to decide whether or not to proceed on calling.

Aside from the “click to call” facility which launches an actual call, power dialers also allow agents to reach their leads via a voicemail. As per the experts, power dialers are the best type when following a consultative sales approach. Since leads are carefully selected, the likelihood of achieving a good call workflow increases which is downright great of the business.

2. Progressive Dialers

In terms of effectiveness and efficiency, progressive dialers are a bit better than power dialers. While they are mostly similar such as in terms of their 1:1 call ratio capability, one of their main differences is the mechanism or logic used, i.e. a preview of the lead’s information is no longer available which means the agent is only able to view the lead’s profile once a phone call is made. While a ring is ongoing, the agent is also shown who the system is calling but the agent does not have the option to choose which lead to call. While this may seem like a downside for the agents, it also stops them from choosing their leads, facilitating a maximized number of outputs.

3. Predictive Dialers

Compared to power and progressive dialers, predictive dialers are considered the fastest to process lead reach-out and conversion without the 1:1 call ratio restriction. In fact, predictive dialers are considered the Ferrari of dialer systems for call centers. Predictive dialers can even facilitate 3:1, 5:1, or 7:1 call ratio.

However, for a call center to get the maximum gain from using a predictive dialer system, many agents have to work on their leads simultaneously, i.e. 10 sales agents at the least. And if the call center, for instance, uses a 5:1 ratio, what will happen is: the lead dialer will launch 50 phone calls or 5 calls per agent. That is efficiency at best right there.

However, since an ordinary predictive dialer system utilizes a voicemail detection feature, when an agent does an outbound call and tries to reach a lead, the waiting time can be costly and this is one of its downsides. The good news is, with a scripted business model, it will be feasible to make outbound calls and successfully reach them in a short span of time.

Understanding Which Type of Sales Dialer System is the Best for Call Centers

Among the three types of dialer systems, the power dialer is considered the most appropriate for small teams as it enables the team to get a glimpse of the lead information first and do more research about the lead to come up with an effective sales plan before calling the lead. Meanwhile, for larger teams that aim high volume dialing with a pitch that is transaction-oriented, predictive dialer systems are a great fit.

Dialer System Concerns

The latest dialer systems are made so sophisticatedly and while this is a good thing, call centers who are left behind in terms of technology find it hard to keep up. This leads to concerns about the proper use or misuse of outbound dialer systems. For instance, call centers who are under-equipped or are short of agents tend to mistakenly place more calls than they can accommodate, leading to abandoned or silent calls. Most of the time, these calls are classified as a nuisance and may affect the image of the company.

The United States of America acknowledges the existence of these nuisance calls, thus the authorship of regulations that are bound to penalize these call center companies.

Dialer Systems are a good investment!

Such digital solutions may be very costly but with the many amazing contributions they impart to call centers that help enhance their efficiency and productivity, dialer systems are still one of the best investments there is. But, to ensure the best return, you have to have the right knowledge and resources that will help you find a dialer system provider that is truly worth your investment and trust. Once you head on to Google, it will show you hundreds of dialer system options. Choose well. Listen to reviews, feedback, and referrals. Most of the time, they will lead you to the right one.

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