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Published on July 4th, 2020 | by Ali Dino


Avoid Boredom And Enjoy Life’s Best Games By The Pool

As we all know, It is a challenging time for everyone. But it is crucial to stay safe and healthy at home. During this time, it is very vital to stay mentally healthy; the best way to make ourselves happy and relaxed is the game. Playing a game is the best time to pass.

Mobile games are fun and a great way to help you stay relaxed, even when you’re chilling by the pool. But, choosing the best ones is altogether different and a challenging task. For this reason, we’ve narrowed your search and bring the best jigsaw puzzle games you can play online for free along your buddies to maximize your fun. You won’t be bored. Here are those: Check out these puzzle games and select the best one for you and spend your time playing a puzzle game.

1. Jigsaw Puzzle

The first and foremost attraction of this puzzle is its pictures – these aren’t simple 2D drawings but artsy and stunning images that look so real. You can adjust the difficulty level by increasing or decreasing the pieces of the image and choose from over 5,000 HD pictures. Advertisements are short, the gameplay is smooth, and while you take a break from all your pool activities, relax and give this one a shot – you’ll undoubtedly love it!

This the best puzzle for beginners and you can easily play this game and enjoy it.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles Epic

Jigsaw Puzzles Epic puzzles are great and contain a very engaging set of images since there’s a vast variety. The game is well designed to suit your tastes. Its controls are smooth, puzzles are relieving, and the music is like a cherry on the top. The different levels are present in this game you can solve the 1st level and go to the next one. This one’s quite an addiction and worth having on your phone.

3. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

After the Jigsaw Puzzle app by Easybrain, this one’s our favorite. You get over 30,000 National Geographic HD images in the collection, the gameplay is intuitive, and in fact, you can also create a puzzle with your own photos. The game is so addictive that not just at the poolside, you’ll look forward to playing its levels again and again. This puzzle comes with some advanced features and new pictures that attract the people most. Try it once you really love this puzzle game.

4. Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD

Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD is yet another excellent puzzle game that does exactly what it’s made for. The game is challenging yet entertaining. The different level of this game comes with the new challenge, and if you love to solve the problems, then this game is the best for you. It also runs fluidly and has no glitches at all. You can enjoy the puzzle on your phone or a tablet or any smart devices and have a great time while you’re at it. Try this and play this game any time anywhere. Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD helps you to make your mind fresh and relax.

5. Hexa Jigsaw Puzzle

The Hexa Jigsaw Puzzle is one of a kind and super fun game. Its levels are tough and challenging, but it keeps you entertained throughout the time. You can easily spend your time and enjoy playing this puzzle game. If the ad break doesn’t bother you much, go for it. It’s one of those Hexa puzzles that feel both easy and challenging right at the same time. You get different worlds to choose from, and you can win free hints that’ll help you during the game. So sit back and get going.

All these games and playtime are great, but you must also not forget to stay safe at the pool and take all the precautionary measures in the pandemic. Follow the safety guidelines and make sure everyone else is also at it. Our favorites are #1 and #3 – play and see if they appeal to you as well. Choose the best puzzle game as per your choice and enjoy playing this puzzle game and feel free.

Happy puzzling!

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