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How To Market With Google My Business

The internet is the greatest advertising medium of all time, yet many entrepreneurs continue to ignore it because they lack the technical-expertise needed to master the intricacies of online marketing. Some startup owners and long-time entrepreneurial successes ignore things like Google My Business because they think you must be a tech genius to master this advertising tool, but the reality is that it’s actually quite navigable if you know how to go about using it to bolster your business.

Here’s a quick review of how to market with Google My Business, which costly mistakes to avoid all the while, and why your future advertising efforts should focus more on the internet.

Learn to drive customer engagement like never before

The reason that so many people are turning to Google My Business is that it’s an excellent service provided by Google itself, ensuring that you’re not wasting your time with third-party advertising gurus who make huge claims but seldom deliver actual results. Nobody can deny that Google is one of the most important digital actors of the modern era, as it remains the host of the most popular modern search engine and enables thousands of companies to reach the masses every single day. While many entrepreneurs recognize the legitimacy and efficacy of Google My Business, they lack the personal expertise needed to leverage it for their own specific marketing purposes.

The first thing to do is make an account and “claim” your listing. This will ensure that you actually have control over your listing, and can make edits to it that will drive Google search users towards your company webpage. Of all the common mistakes that occur when business owners try to leverage Google My Business, failing to claim your listing is probably the most common and costly, so don’t ignore that crucial step.

Additionally, you’ll want to make good use of Google My Business reviews that customers leave you – if customers have left you a positive review, it can be a tremendously powerful marketing tool. If they’ve left you a negative review, it’s imperative that you figure out what went wrong (or if they’re unfairly maligning your business) so that future customers aren’t turned away. Google has an official web page for customer reviews, so familiarize yourself with the information they provide to ensure you’re on top of the reviews that you’ll need to bolster your brand.

Learn how to share updates

Investing in the best google maps marketing and accruing great customer reviews will go a long way toward raising local awareness about your company. With more people relying on eCommerce than ever before, this is crucial toward your long-term financial stability. Another important step is learning how to share business updates on your Google My Business page, as this will allow you to keep customers up to date on the latest changes to your brand that may draw them back in for additional business.

If you’ve created a new product or service, be sure to update your page to reflect that fact. Loyal customers in particular will be checking your page frequently for such updates. Also add things like our business hours (and notify customers when you close for unexpected holidays or production delays) to ensure your page is helpful to them at all times. Pretty soon, your Google My Business page will be helping your brand ascend to new commercial heights.

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