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Vacuum Cleaner vs. Carpet Cleaner – What are the Major Differences

Whether you’ve got coffee stains on your cream-colored carpet or crayon marks from your cheeky toddlers, all carpets require some attention and care now and then. In today’s world, the rise of grime, dirt, and pollution has caused carpets to be not only sticky but also challenging to rid off. In fact, some folks are now developing allergies such as asthma, which demand the urgent need for a safer and cleaner environment at home. It is important to take the help of commercial cleaning idaho falls in such situation to maintain the hygiene.

To maintain clean carpets, you need to clean them with the best commercial vacuum cleaner. While the regular vacuum cleaners can eliminate surface dust only, today’s carpet steam cleaners run deep to your carpet’s base and fibers to get rid of dirt right from the roots.

According to many people, vacuum cleaners are the ‘must-have’ appliances when it comes to carpet cleaning at home. Vacuuming your carpet at home immediately and drastically improves its appearance by making sure its cleaner and groomer. Just a few swipes on your carpet with the appliance are enough to enhance your houses’ interior.

The second less regularly understood appliance is the carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaners also go by the name carpet washers, deep carpet cleaners, or rug shampooers.

Vacuum Cleaners Only Clean Your Carpet’s Surface

What is for sure is the fact that regular vacuuming normally results to a seemingly dirt-free carpet. If you thoroughly inspect your carpet, you’ll discover that the capability of the appliance is normally limited to your carpet’s surface. When using it, you’ll still find dust and dirt stuck deep down the inner base and layers of the carpet.

Sadly, even the best vacuum cleaner brands can’t reach such areas. Additionally, vacuum cleaners aren’t effective at removing dirty stains from foot traffic, coffee, pet messes and so much more.

Carpet Cleaners Are Effective At Extracting Deep Cleans And Stains

Carpet cleaners are the ideal solution for your deep carpet cleaning needs. The equipment utilizes water to remove dirt from the bottom up to the carpet’s surface. The traditional home carpet cleaners utilize the impressive hot water extraction technology. Primarily, the machine not only scrubs but also jostles dirt off your carpet thread and washes the carpet threads in water. Afterward, the water is extracted out.

Based on the information highlighted above, it’s quite clear that the major difference between a carpet cleaner and vacuum cleaner has to do with functionality. That means that a vacuum cleaner only cleans the surface of the carpet while a carpet cleaner deep cleans it. Nonetheless, vacuum cleaners don’t need water function while carpet cleaners need water.

Having established that difference, you can thus establish the difference in their form (s). The device for deep cleaning brings with it a water tank or reservoir attached to it.

You Need Both For Carpet Cleaning

Despite the differences of these two, both housekeeping equipment is operated almost similarly. Pushing them back and forth is necessary. What is more is that both are highly beneficial. Even with a top-notch carpet cleaner, you still require a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet efficiently.

There’s no doubt that carpet cleaning needs thorough vacuuming first. By doing that, you’ll be able to remove trapped gravel, dust, and dirt on the surface. Doing it also loosens up the fibers too this making it extremely easy to reach even the innermost clutter. As one vacuum, you’ll also notice and remove tiny items, which might hamper your cleaning later on.

After conducting vacuuming, you can then proceed to use a carpet cleaner. The tool works by raising the fibers through its rotating brushes. After that, you need to apply water as well as cleaning solution to your carpet. Just like in vacuuming, it collects wastewater and dirt. Wastewater from your cleaning is collected inside the tank. The process allows your carpet to dry immediately. After handling your cleaning, it’s prudent to empty the water reservoir or tank.


Even when you think your use is clean, the chances are high that it’s filthy. That is because most of the dirt and dust in the house is small to be visible. Fortunately, a real time round with a carpet cleaner or vacuum cleaner is all you need to ensure your carpet looks and feels fresh and clean.

Normally, vacuuming is done once every week. Depending on the conditions, you can even do 2 – 3 times. Comparatively, utilizing a carpet cleaner is infrequently conducted as every 3 – 6 months. Sometimes, it can take longer. Some households feature tiny portable carpet cleaners, which they often utilize to get rid of carpet stains and spots before embarking on the next entire house deep carpet cleaning.

Before choosing on which of these two is the best one, you should consider your needs first. By doing that, you’ll be able to choose between which a carpet cleaner and vacuum cleaner is the best choice.

Article credits: Writen by Robert Green from Green House Center, where offers help, information, advice and tips to make your house green.

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