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7 Mobile Apps you must know about if you’re in the Dentistry Profession

Many applications can be beneficial to dentists and students in the profession. These apps range from education apps to apps that help dentists and make the job easier. They are apps designed for use by certified dentists in promoting themselves and their profession. With this technological advancement, dentists have their benefits to advance the dentistry profession.

Dental offices are not left out as they also use these apps in making their practice more comfortable. Most of these software applications are very useful. With an app on your smartphone, you can utilize it in unimaginable ways. Making supply orders, providing assistance to your patients, and streamlining administrative processes. They make the profession more accessible and more exciting.

Below is a list of 7 useful apps you should know about if you’re a dentist

  • Lexi-Dental App

This is an application for students studying dentistry and consultant dentists. Lexi-Dental App encompasses a wide range of useful resources, beginning with a medical dictionary and illustrations showing various dental procedures, as well as a description.

It gives regular updates on drug information, interactions, pharmacology, and pharmacokinetics. There are lots of diagrammatic illustrations and photographic materials included. It has a 30-day trial period after which an annual subscription is made to discover and enjoy all the features of this app. This app is compatible with smartphones and devices.

  • Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry (OHCD) App

This application is a copy of a renowned bestseller that gives insight to the study of dentistry and medicine. It is updated and contains information about recent discoveries and captivating aspects of dentistry like anesthesia. It addresses various problems, provides knowledge and skills, gives diagrams, graphics, and illustrations to enable better understanding and retention. Exploring this app and learning its benefits makes it more interesting. You can search easily. It can also be used on smartphone devices and gadgets or downloaded online at an affordable cost.

  • iRomexis

iRomexis is a standard and authentic 2-D and 3-D application with image viewer features designed for iPads. It is built to display various images created using Planmeca X-ray features like ProFace 3D photos and Planmeca ProMax 3-D. These images can be utilized in consultation and teaching patients, as well as interaction with colleagues. Image resolution quality is top-notch.

Pictures and diagrams are organized and categorized to fit in perfectly with the Romexis desktop software. Through this medium, image sharing via mobile devices and gadgets just got easier.

The app also allows image adjusting; brightness, contrast, zoom, and other image functions, thereby establishing its versatility.

  • MyDentist

MyDentist is a useful app for people to make contact with a dentist or schedule an appointment. It is used to access information about pre and post-operation to keep their patients abreast of useful information about dental services. The app comes with an inbuilt GPS that leads prospects right to the dentist’s office.

Direct referral service is possible through the app as satisfied patients can seamlessly refer other patients to the dentist. Though the financial implication of purchasing this app is on the high side, the benefits outweigh its cost.

With lots of amazing features and a neat interface, it makes dental consultation easier. MyDentist app comes highly recommended for dentists that intend to establish communication with patients more manageable.

  • Dental Manager

This app helps the dentist set up and manage a treatment plan for each of their patients. With Dental Manager, they can also seamlessly keep track of their dental cost through smartphones. Cool right? As a dentist, you feel great and less stressed out, knowing that you can handle all your appointment and payment plan via your smartphone.

Please take advantage of the built-in treatment plan, and cost assessment features to consult with patients and help them make the right decisions about their dental health. The Dental Manager is also a great app to access information and collaborate with members of staff and colleagues in the dentistry profession.

  • Dental Expert

This app was designed with the sole aim of educating patients about the role of a dentist and how they can help them to achieve and maintain excellent oral health.

The goal is to keep patients informed about the work of a dentist and sensitize them on the need to visit a dentist regularly for a proper dental checkup. With all the necessary information at patients’ disposal, they will be keen to visit a dentist without many complications as they tend to act right and fast about their dental health. This app is useful for both patients as it keeps them informed and dentists as it makes their work easier.

  • SocialDental

As the name implies, SocialDental combines the social media lifestyle with dental health. The designers of this app believe that our dental health has a way of affecting our social lives. SocialDental app allows you to make a note of your dental habits and post it on social media platforms.

As a dentist, you can take a snapshot of your practice, patients (if you have consent to do so), various treatment processes, pre and post pictures of an event, etc. You can post them online to promote your dental practice and also tell a story. Your posts on SocialDental can also help to connect with patients and gain more prospects. Lastly, if utilized well, it can help you gain people’s trust and make you their first choice when they need to consult a dentist. The opportunities that come from using SocialDental app are limitless; you just need to use it rightly to your competitive advantage.


The dentistry profession is a highly competitive one with lots of opportunities for a dentist to showcase their skills and abilities. Here, the seven mobile apps I have mentioned above are worth a try.

These mobile apps are not mutually exclusive as you can make use of more than one at a time to get the desired result. I hope these cool mobile apps will help make your dentistry profession a worthwhile one and set you up for success!

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