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3 Things To Know About Cloud Networks Configuration & Security

Storing data is an important part of running a business and functioning on the internet. There is not a safe way to store all of the data you put out on the internet without putting some of it in the cloud. The cloud is a way to keep all of your data stored in a safer way than just having it saved to your computer, or a memory stick.

The cloud allows you to back up your data so if you lose or damage your computer you can still have all of the information you saved to the cloud. Maintaining that amount of data and keeping it all safe requires a technology expert team. Especially if you are trying to run a business and keep all of your data and information safe.

To understand the cloud and its security you have to understand why the cloud exists and how it works. Knowing why data is safer in the cloud and why so much more data can be stored there will give you peace of mind when saving your data. Here are a few things you should know about cloud network configuration and security.

1. There are four types of clouds

When people talk about the cloud they refer to it as if it is a single entity we all share. Actually, there are four different types of clouds and most of them are quite private. Choosing what type of cloud your business needs requires knowing what each type of cloud does.

The first type of cloud is a private cloud. This type of cloud is for just your company to use for your data and information. It keeps all of the individual information of you and your employees safe and organized.

The second type of cloud you can use is called a community cloud. This cloud is often used to share information between businesses or in a community of people. The community cloud is for sharing resources and information between organizations so that you can all have the same information.

The third type of cloud is called the public cloud. This is what a business would use to do business to consumer information sharing. It allows your consumer to share information with your company that can be stored and protected by your IT department in the cloud.

Finally, you have a hybrid cloud. This is a cloud that is a mix of the community cloud and the public cloud. The resources for this cloud are tied together through two separate clouds which is what makes it a hybrid.

Naturally, you can use more than one type of cloud for your business. Most companies are going to use different types of cloud to keep consumer information separate from shared business information and the company information. This gives your company a full range of cloud benefits and security.

2. Why you need cloud security

When you configure your cloud networks you are essentially centralizing all of your data and information. Cloud security does the same thing by centralizing all of your online security into one place. This allows you to save money and resources.

The cloud allows you to connect multiple devices and all of your companies information into one place. Keeping all of your cloud security centralized allows you to manage all of that information in a way that allows you to keep track of your traffic and filtering so you know exactly what information is going in and out of your cloud.

Having a securely run cloud means hiring a security team to keep all of your information safe. This can be outsourced or in-house depending on your needs and budget. If you are unable to determine it for yourself, then in such cases expert IT consulting is recommended which can sort it out for you.

Once you have a cloud security system in place you can count on it running smoothly and keeping system and security updates to a minimum to reserve resources and time.

The main reason to get a secure cloud network is the reliability it adds to your business. A reliable security system for your cloud has a disaster program set up, allows you to access all of your information safely on any device, and makes sure the incredible amount of information that can be stored in the cloud is protected and monitored.

A great cloud security network is going to keep your information safe from potential bugs and hackers. They will protect every part of your business that you put online, from apps to card information. Security breaches and unauthorized access is happening online more than in person and a cloud security network keeps all of your company information safe and constantly monitored.

3. Three service models

Just like there is more than one type of cloud, there is more than one type of service that the cloud can provide. There are three service models for the cloud that all have plenty of benefits for your company. The three different types of models are called Saas, Iaas, and Paas.

Saas stands for software as a service. This is basically a way that anyone can buy, or rent, cloud software from a vendor. Usually, a person or company will pay monthly to use a giant cloud that is fully accessible to anyone paying for it who has internet access.

Iaas stand for infrastructure as a service which is a bit more complex than Saas. The Iaas model uses multiple platforms and data centers to store all of the information it is given all over the internet. This provides a safe and very spread out system that is great for small businesses looking to cut IT costs and is a complete computing package.

Finally, the Paas model is a bit more DIY. In a Paas service model, you are provided with all the tools you need to make your own system and all you have to do it build it. These are constantly being updated with new tools and are great for software and web developers.

The pricing on these different service models can differ depending on how big of a system you need and how much you use your service. Overall, these are going to be less expensive than paying for IT services every year that need constant updates. Depending on what your company needs, any of these service models would be a huge aid to your business.

To Conclude

The cloud is basically a necessity for any company trying to function in the modern world of internet-based business. Knowing how the cloud works and what your options are is the best way to prepare your business and protect your companies information. One of the most important things you can do for your company is to invest in a secure cloud.

Knowing that there is more that one type of cloud will help you understand all the different places your information and your customer information could be stored. It is important you understand that you will likely use more than one type of cloud and that some of those clouds are made to share information. The same can be said for the different types of service models.

Clouds can be run and built in many different ways. Knowing which service model is the best for your company and protecting your data will help you run a more secure business. Most importantly, you need to make sure you have a security team to keep your cloud secure.

More information is stolen off the internet than could possibly be stolen in person. Making sure you have a dedicated team to keep all of your company’s data protected and monitored online is the only way to be sure you are protected from potential hackers and thieves. Those are three things you need to know about cloud network configuration and security.

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