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Published on May 20th, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


What’s the Future of Sex Toys?

We’ve come a long way in terms of being sexual, giving and receiving pleasure. Sex toys are more diversified and accepted in the mainstream than they ever were.

Niche sex toy companies are proliferating. Sex toys that can sync up with each other for long-distance couples, guybrators (updated versions pocket masturbators), remote controlled toys, toys that combine sexual stimulation and your favorite music and even virtual reality sex toys are already a thing.

The future of sex toys is very exciting and hi-tech than what we already have available. Even the best pocket pussy toys won’t be able compare with the realistic sex toys of the future.

Let’s take a look at some examples and trends bound to shape up the future of sex toys in the years to come.

Tailored and Custom-Made Sex Toys

The sex toy market is still not among those that offer a high level of tailoring or the creation of custom-made items.

This could very well be one of the future trends worth pointing out.

Sexuality is highly individual and so should sex toys.

The future isn’t just about hi-tech items that come with all of the connectivity and the remote-enabled bells and whistles. It’s also about taking a mass-produced object and turning it into something capable of addressing a highly specific need.

There are already some examples of such products. One vibrator manufacturer allows its customers to select the shape, the size and the sensation that the toy delivers. There are six styles to pick among, which obviously isn’t complete personalization. Still, the availability of choice is indicative of a market niche that could soon be seeing a much bigger number of players.

Some have even taken the idea a step further to predict sex toys “integrated” in our bodies. According to Future of Sex researchers, this could pretty much be the case in the coming 30 years. Bio-hacking and bodily modifications are already here. It’s simply a matter of time to determine how these technologies could be utilized to make sexual gratification readily available 24/7.

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Smart Sex Trackers

Another innovative sex product is already here and, depending on customer reception, could become even bigger in the future.

A type of smart sex tracker has already been developed by a tech company to give users a lot of curious information about their sexual performance and preferences.

The toy, that has been dubbed a “Fitbit for sex” is a ring that fits over the base of the penis.

When worn during sex, the gadget can measure sexual performance, detect different positions, the duration of the session and even the calories burned. The data can then be transferred to an app that the user can rely on to understand a bit more about their intimate sessions.

Is such a gadget necessary on the market? We’ll have to wait and see. The fact that activity trackers are performing so well is indicative of some inherent need we have as human beings to quantify. Sex trackers could very well become a thing that equips us with valuable information about sexual preferences.

Niche Toys for Marginalized Populations

Again, sex toys of the future aren’t just about hi-tech gadgets. They’re also about inclusivity and offering more people an opportunity to enjoy the technology and the pleasure it could bring.

According to some authors, sex toys for marginalized groups could be the cause of yet another sexual revolution.

Some companies are already experimenting with sex toys especially tailored to the needs of the elderly. While we’ve become more sexually open, sex and aging remain taboo topics. If products for this demographic get mainstream, we could be opening up an interesting conversation to benefit just about everyone.

Sex toys for trans individuals are equally important and they’re here to make a statement. Hopefully, more companies will take on the task of servicing the needs of marginalized communities in the future and empowering them in the process.

Teledildonics and VR

In the future, we’re also more likely to see combinations and the use of several interesting technologies to produce more immersive and exciting sexual experiences than ever before.

We already have teledildonics – smart sexual devices that can be controlled via a computer or a mobile app. Virtual reality (VR) experiences are also here but a combination of the two doesn’t exist yet.

Imagine having a toy capable of producing a specific kind of stimulation while a VR set projects a specific image. The experience is going to be incredibly immersive, to some degree feeling a lot like an actual encounter or the playing out of a sexual fantasy.

Not only is such technology amazing for solo experiences, it could also be helpful for individuals in less sexually liberated societies.

There are, for example, parts of the world in which gay sex is still punishable by law. Using teledildonics and VR sex toys can result in highly stimulating experiences for such individuals without putting them in danger.

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Holograms, Robots and a Lot More

If you’ve seen it in a science fiction movie, chances are that it will be created in the very near future (if it’s not here already).

Let’s wrap up this overview with some of the most innovative, yet predictable examples of future sex toys.

Sex dolls are one example of a rapidly evolving field. The sex toys of the past are already an ancient artefact. Today’s sex toys have cyberskin and characteristics that make them eerily reminiscent of an actual human being. When robotics is added to the mix, you get the partner experience that many lonely single individuals are craving.

Holograms and projections are also a way that we will probably use to spice things up in the future.

A company has already developed a strip club hologram that projects the images of exotic dancers in one’s living room. Obviously, that’s just the beginning and there’s still a lot of room for improvement in the field.

The future of sex toys is really diversified, bright and inclusive. Soon, there will be something tailored to the needs of everyone and high-tech will become more readily accessible and affordable. It’s not easy to tell how the market will respond to such innovations so we’ll just have to wait and see what takes on and what goes into oblivion after a few years.

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