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Published on May 6th, 2020 | by Sunit Nandi


Smart Elevators: Why these IoT Solutions Are More than Just Following the Crowd

Just about everything we know today is going the smart way. That is not for a world’s need to get connected in any and every way, but for the functionality that this inter-connectivity and inherent smartness brings to the table.

This has spread so much into every piece of functionality we have so much that we now have smart elevator systems to look at too.

Coming to think of it, though, why would we need smart elevators?

Smart Elevator

The place of smart elevators

Elevator systems are very important in any kind of building that they have been installed in. More often than not, they have been installed in such buildings to aid the easy upward and downward travel of occupants – and not just for the aesthetic purposes.

It would, thus, be very inconvenient for these occupants when the elevator is down. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the biggest problems facing housing units that have been fitted with an elevator of their own.

That said, we should also look at the cases of people getting stuck in elevators which suddenly stop working. This could range from a mild to very serious situation, depending on the circumstances surrounding the stoppage.

Looking at these problems and more, it is obvious that we need more smart elevator systems in the mix.

These IoT solutions make it possible to preempt issues which could have otherwise come up with the elevator and have them fixed in real time. Smart buildings will also benefit from the way they can manage all aspects of their affairs – including the elevator system – from the comfort of handheld devices.

In most cases, this could be the simple difference between spending huge sums of money on repairs and saving more of that by only going in for timely maintenance. Through data collection too, it becomes possible to reduce the downtime on these elevators, improving the unit’s output and general productivity of the occupants of affected buildings.

Choosing smart elevator solutions right

The fact that smart elevator solutions will help you get rid of downtime does not mean all of them will. We always recommend going for the complete package as best suited to your needs so that you can always get the best out of the elevator unit itself.

One of the reasons why we put a lot of faith in the Robustel-developed IoT facility management system is not only for that fact that it enables data collection in real time and relays them to you in a manner which aids better decision making. It boils down to the in-built security models to prevent data hacks and theft on your smart building, remote functionality support and a failover mode that ensures you never have any downtime on the smart solution itself.

With all of that in tow, you don’t have to worry about the management system while also being on guard as to what your elevator is doing.


Whether you are a building manager, landlord or business owner in a building where an elevator system has been deployed, now is the best time to get started with IoT solutions for your elevator system. That way, you can be rest assured of always being a step ahead of major faults which would have otherwise happened.

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