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Feeling lonely? Here are the 7 of the most sociable video games out there.

The global Covid-19 outbreak has changed our lives in a number of ways, not least the way we socialise. With physical human interaction reduced, online games are expected to experience a ‘boom’ in users, as users seek ways to make friends and stay in touch.

So, if we’re holed up for a certain period of time, it doesn’t mean we have to feel lonely. Some PC games like Uncharted are specifically designed to promote social norms, such as teamwork, story-telling and camaraderie.

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Here’s a look at some who are ahead of the social game.

Sea of Thieves

If you’re missing the sea right now, then Sea of Thieves will bring you vivid feelings of inhaling the salty air and feeling the sea spray on your face.

You and three friends can set sail on a pirate ship to explore shipwrecks and islands, completing quests along the way. The game’s cartoony style is easy on the eye, and adds a light-hearted feel to your adventure.

A range of content updates means you can now perform a variety of tricks, so if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fire yourself out of a cannon, you’ll have an idea now. Great fun.

Second Life

Second Life is more than just an online game, it’s a virtual world. With your own personal avatar, you can wander across a digital landscape that feels similar to the real world.

Once you get settled into your new surroundings, there are a range of fun things to try out. SL gives you the chance to fly, if you feel like it, or even teleport.

For all its positive features, the makers behind the game, Linden Lab, have been hit by controversy. The FBI forced them to close down casinos within the game several years ago, following concerns that such an immersive virtual environment could lead to gambling addiction, with real-world consequences. There have also been reports of cyberbullying on the platform, which has knocked the game’s image.

There are now measures within the game in place to prevent such issues from arising, and the game is seen as a safe way to pass many hours. Watch this space for new developments.


Now, there aren’t many people who haven’t played the most popular game in the world. But not so many are up-to-date with the incredible range of customisable options within the game.

The game is full of possibilities, such as building a scale model of the Starship Enterprise, or even the Taj Mahal, making it the perfect cure for boredom. Don’t be fooled by the game’s child-like appearance, either – anyone can play, even your great uncle Paul.

If you just want to chat with someone, then that’s fine, too. The game’s in-built chat feature is super-easy to use, although you might have to use the block function if you stumble across an annoying competitor.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

On a different note to the previously mentioned games, Man of Medan serves up a grisly portion of horror – if that’s your type of thing.

You can hook up with a friend to experience, or endure, the story together as you try to guide your avatar to survival on an abandoned ship. While the storyline is slightly strange, full of bizarre plot twists and overly-talkative characters, you’ll have fun playing it.

The graphics stand out as being particularly life-like, and some of the special effects add excitement to the experience. Just don’t expect the level of happiness you got from Sea of Thieves.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Now this is the Battle Royale to end them all. 100 players on an island duke it out to become the last person standing: great for those who love the mayhem of a gigantic battle.

If you’re looking for a more chilled time, you can play in small teams of three and four in the game’s squad mode, or just kick back for a few hours and build forts, boats or even your own maps.

The beauty of the game is its flexibility and maker Epic Games have put a ton of effort into making it appeal to all types of gamers. They’ve even made a huge investment into making the game an esport so, if you get real good after all these hours of training, then you could become a pro.

Destiny 2

Explore a virtual universe of planets on your own or as part of a ‘clan’ in this adventure. Featuring both computer characters and online human allies, the game is packed with content that will prolong the adventure until you’re sick of it.

All of the base content is free-of-charge, so you don’t have to reach for the wallet if you want to see what Destiny has to offer, while you can also pass the hours by chatting away to fellow users, if that takes your fancy.

GTA Online

If you own GTA 5, then you’ll have received this as a companion release and will know how much fun it is. You’ll also need to guide any newbie friends who are playing it for the first time, as you need an appropriate skill level to know how to complete many of its tasks.

You and your gang of friends, up to 29 of you, can live out your fantasies in this crazy virtual world of bank heists, deathmatches and fast cars. The appeal of the game continues to shine, even seven years after its first release, and time will slip by as you become more engrossed in your missions.

We’re living in a time when loneliness isn’t what it used to be. You might be physically cut off from the world but these video games soften the blow by letting you build, explore and chat with people from all over the world. You never know, you might make friends for life.

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