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Email Marketing – What Call Centers Need To Know

As the name suggests, email marketing is the process of promoting a business service or product by broadcasting emails or sending timely newsletters to potential or existing customers. Since email is a widely used medium to communicate, marketing process becomes quick and relevant. It becomes an active channel for the acquisition of new customers.

Main objectives of businesses behind using email marketing are to spread brand awareness, earn loyalty among customers, and to make a trustable brand.

Answer to how email marketing helps in businesses lies in the fact that promoting one’s service via mail process bridges its relationship with the potential audience. Also, such marketing communication contributes to encouraging customers to know more about your brand.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a helpful tool for continually staying in touch with customers. Simple messages or promotional ads, email has a high probability of catching the eyes of the customers.

While sending an email, the words don’t need to be formal or promotional ones all the time; it can be simple mention about how your product or service can help a business grow. Such special treatment leaves a positive impact on the customers and helps set a good impression of the brand.

If the email comprises of engaging content and shows value to the customers, then you are sure to get frequent follow-ups from them. This method works as a call-to-action and tends to get more customer connections easily.

According to, 91% of people in the US like receiving promotional emails from businesses, which shows that there is a high probability of leaving an impact on the customers’ minds.

Just like social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter that help engage with the customers, email marketing boosts your customer acquisition.

Types of Business Email Marketing

Since the email marketing industry has emerged as a powerful method of attracting more and more customers, it has shown its impacts in various domains differently. Depending on the target audience and their interests, companies handle each category of customers in their own way.

Based on this diverse nature of customers, organizations have proposed three different types of business marketing strategies.

  • Transactional Emails– Such emails consist of confirmations of transactions or payments formerly made by the customer. Call centers can use these emails to notify existing subscribers and customers about upcoming offers and launching of new products. This type of email perfectly targets the prospective audience and sends promotional messages based on their interests.
  • Email Newsletters– These type of emails are sent out customers who have signed up to the brand and have shown willingness to receive updated news about the same. Newsletters aim at building a relationship between your call center brand and your customers by sending engaging emails.
  • Direct Emails– Such emails are sent to keep customers updated about exclusive discounts, offers or new products. These types of messages are not confined to subscribers but aim at spreading awareness about the brand. Direct emails are just like virtual catalogues and fliers that invite customers.

Things Call Centers Should Keep in Mind while Composing Promotional Emails

While email marketing is itself a great tool that helps in staying in touch with the customers, there are some quality measures that you should consider while broadcasting mails.

As the reader will review every word of your email, you need to be sure of the message you are trying to convey. Also, make sure that your email is perfectly portraying your customer-centric intention.

So, here are some metrics you should look out for a while composing an email.

  • Your email should focus on adding value to the customers. The mail must speak about the product or the service you are providing. Email can have discount coupons, colorful images or limited time offers. What counts the most is the purposeful engagement with the customers.
  • The mail must reach the target audience by talking about the benefits it is providing them. With the use of clear and persuasive words, the mail can easily convince people in giving your business a try.
  • Other than just being promotional and eye-catching, the email should read inviting. With the use of warm and welcoming phrases, you can easily fetch more and more customers for your call center business. Avoid excess usage of cumbersome and cliché words.
  • Most of the call centers face problem in keeping the mail informational yet short. Creating long and lengthy emails tend to bore the readers. Some of them might stop reading the email after one point. Try using crisp and understandable phrases that imply the exact meaning but seem attractive.

How is Email Marketing Helpful for Call Center Businesses?

No doubt that email marketing is a time-consuming process and needs a creative mind to attract customers. If you are still thinking about adopting email marketing for your call center brand’s promotion, and are not sure if it will work or not, let us show you some reasons why email marketing is not worth being ignored.

  • Large Audience Reached

Social media and promotion via the internet effectively help to reach numbers as the majority of people are engaged with the worldwide web. Also, to sign up for any social media, you need to have an email account first. So, when it comes to build a bond with customers, email can prove to be a reliable platform.

  • Acts as Advertisement

You all must be aware of the number of inputs that setting up advertisement requires. The main aim of advertising about the product is promotion. Sending emails to the customers on a regular basis helps you keep them in touch and make them aware of the brand. With email marketing, you can convert your potential customers into the paying ones.

  • Cost-Efficient

As discussed above, email marketing involves no overhead expenses but a creative mind to compose emails that aim at inviting customers. Being the most used platform, email is free of cost and does not ask your customers for money for opening links. It is the cheapest way of advertising brand and its products.

  • Easy Communication

Transactional emails bridge the communication gap between the customers and the organizations. Call center owners can automatically respond to existing customers and notify them about sale details such as payment details or purchase summary.

Getting a thorough knowledge of email marketing is sure to help you make up your minds and employ this method in your call businesses. Such type of marketing is a vital component to create customer-brand relationships.

When used wisely and creatively, email marketing will push up the company’s success rate in less time. Just don’t forget to keep it crisp and straightforward, so that every customer reads it and chooses your business.

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