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Top 7 Branding Trends in 2020

Branding plans can remain at its basic level. There always exists some general branding ideas. Yet, in this process, you will lack some extra mileage. Every year, with the new technological innovation, branding trends take its leap from one height to another. So, what about 2020? In words, it is more challenging to keep pace with the new branding trends of this year, as there are so many things going to happen during this time.

Still, to make your feet ahead of the others, here are seven extraordinarily effective and proven branding trends in 2020 that will help your business to go ahead. Just take a look!

It’s all about the story!

The customer won’t get the point to feel attached to your brands unless you connect it with their life. That’s true! In general words, only using ‘baby’ won’t make a person buy your baby food. Rather ‘your baby’ can be a useful add-on.

So, whether you are working in this area or that area, let your customers listen to the story. The story is about life. It would make them feel personal with the brand. Next time when he/she will have a choice to make the decision, your product will be ahead of the others.

Now, storytelling can enhance your brand value. But, try to find variation in it because the story differs based on age, geographical area, financial condition, etc. For that, you can make a combined story, or you can create different types of stories too. In both ways, it will establish the authenticity and credibility of your brand to the customers.

Including technology!

Here, technology is a vast word that covers multiple arenas. The more we are going forward, the more our life is experiencing technology all around. So, use as many apps/gadgets/ as possible at your business. It would create a different brand value. Primarily while people are relying more on technology, they will feel more connected and comfortable while sticking with your brand.

The first thing you must try among the technological factors is – Chatbots. It will make your conversation with the customers more comfortable. Then again, there are various social media where you can place your brand. Connecting customers through WhatsApp, Facebook, and another medium is now straightforward.

Young People and many senior citizens of every country are always on these Apps nowadays. Connecting your brand in these sectors will increase brand visibility profoundly without a doubt.

Creating communities!

Creating branding communities is the new method of branding these days. Have you noticed all the groups on Facebook that promote people talking about one another’s daily life? There are fashion groups, gossip groups, meme groups, and brand community groups too. Not only in this one social media, but branding communities are also reigning in the whole internet arena.

How does this help? It gathers all those interested people who are interested in your brand. Through their feedback, comments, and behaviors, you will enjoy knowing all the small details of your probable customers. You can have some constructive feedback too. That helps a brand to grow.

So, to make your appearance and behaviors relevant and customer-centric, creating a branding community is the ongoing trend that you can follow.

Social media presence

These days, the credibility of a brand includes its appearance in social media too. Just think about those millennial and the other generations, what they will do when they hear about your business? A massive brand without having any step mark on social media seems a little bit fake or weak, doesn’t it? So, to make your brand reliable and credible, work with a brand identity agency to enhance social media presence.

The more we are technologically advanced, the more the brand has to get connected with social media. Before, people used to rely more on newspapers and other mediums. Now, they are reading the newspaper, watching the news on YouTube, and being online is becoming their final destination after almost every event in daily life. Without a smartphone, without checking on social media, they can’t even think about their experience.

That’s the exact point why you should cut the other budget and focus more on the online exposure of your brand. It will create more visibility and brand awareness among the mass people.

Branding the Office

Let’s see How we can start branding our own office. What supplies we may need and we can figure out if we will use cheap chinese supplies or use branded products. Cost may be an issue, but if we can sort them out with say, if we use them as minimum as we can but use good ones in the Market, it would be worthwhile.

We would need Pens, Papers, Diaries, Business cards, Pen holders, Lanyard cards, Coffee mugs and other utensils, and promotional wristbands from SleekWristbands. What else?

Now, it can mesmerize you how a simple lanyard card even can help you to build your brand awareness. It is the strap that allows holding identification cards or keys. Yes, it helps to maintain the official system, security, and the identification process precisely.

And that not only works for the branded lanyard card, there are so many other options in the corporate work arena to brand. In a corporate office, you can express your brand through:

Except the branded mat and utensils, your staff will use all these branded products outside of the office space, in their personal and public presence too. And that will help you to reach your brand to most of the people. And even, when anyone will visit your office or meet your officer for any official reason, all these branded products will create a reliability in them about your brand. And if the branding can be done with proper color, design etc., it will attract more people.

For example: suppose your staff is riding on a bus, and he/she has a lanyard card hanging from their neck. There must be some other people with it too. But, if you buy a custom lanyard made by 4inlanyards and create something amazing that will attract people, all the people who are riding on the bus will look at it. Even if half of them haven’t listened to your brand before, they will certainly know it now. Why? Because they have seen the lanyard card. The same thing will work for all the other corporate branded products too. Simple and amazing, right?

Influencer marketing

IM is always there as a branding trend. But these days, with more visibility in the online spectrum, it is easier for you to enjoy most of the benefit of influencer marketing. Even if you find a person who is already here with their brand value, taking them on board will enhance your brand visibility. People who follow them will automatically track your brand too.

Seems a little bit of an expensive option? But be sure it is the fastest option!

CSR activities


CSR activities always develop excellent brand value. People will skip your brand-related advertisement in a video. But, if the ad is not an actual advertisement, if it is about some good initiative of your brand, that will undoubtedly make them feel connected, feel good and watch it fully. And, that is the trend that you can grab this time.

It is not always essential to spread all the CSR activities that you are continuing. Yet, in a time of the flood, social problem, etc. people will look out for the excellent initiative taken by some responsible brands. That is the time, it won’t be you, and it will be the audience and the customers who will make your activity accessible.

There are so many ongoing and practical trends that you can count as the best way to interact with your probable and existing customers. Yet, for 2020, a bit of social, a bit of technological and CSR activity- that will help you to make a combined successful branding package. So, here are the ultimate tips for creating brand awareness and brand visibility at the next level. Are you ready to start?

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