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Maintain a Robust Digital Marketing Presence Even During Coronavirus Pandemic by Tweaking Your Strategies

Businesses across the globe are reeling under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and they have realized that their everyday operations and processes are bound to change and are certainly changing with each passing day. Organizations globally are finding it difficult to cope with the sudden disruptions triggered by the COVID-19 crisis.

As per, working from home, practicing self-quarantine, canceling sporting events, and actively maintaining social distancing could be effective in mitigating the COVID-19 crisis, however, it is threatening to destroy small businesses. The sudden fall in foot traffic and compelling conditions that are keeping people locked up inside their homes could leave restaurants and shops empty for quite some time. Even if you have halted all your business operations temporarily, you must not forget managing and boosting your overall digital marketing presence as a direct response to the prevailing health crisis. Current campaigns, message tones, and the impact that the COVID-19 has on precisely your industry must be taken into account carefully before you post or share any digital content. Let us explore some effective tips for maintaining a robust digital marketing presence despite the terrible coronavirus crisis situation.

Mind Your Tone

The amazing part of social media even during the distressing pandemic is its unique ability to motivate you, inspire you, and build camaraderie via digital platforms. Social distancing, different work atmosphere, and even a change in routine have been quite overwhelming for many. Under the circumstances, businesses need to maintain an optimistic and positive tone while navigating their digital marketing presence. Even though businesses are not expected to give their opinion on the coronavirus, it is okay to post or share messages on the secondary effects of the pandemic. You could share effective tips and tricks on working productively from home. Get in touch with a renowned digital marketing agency Auckland for perfect digital marketing solutions.

Identify Campaigns that Need to Be Paused

Maybe you have already scheduled a fabulous email marketing campaign for alerting customers about a new service or product launch. However, in testing times like these, you must realize that it is of crucial importance to stop advertising on certain non-urgent items for now. Instead, you could shift your focus to effective ways how your product or service could assist the existing customers during this health crisis. For instance, Uber Eats avoided posting about delivery specials or special deals for St. Patrick’s Day. However, they focused their attention on highlighting a different campaign altogether- their present endeavors at keeping small businesses operational and afloat. As per this campaign, any customer of Uber Eats ordering from any local restaurant in the United States or even Canada could expect an amazing offer of zero delivery charges.

Focus on Leveraging Technology

It has surely become quite challenging for businesses to fulfill customer needs. Hence, in these troubled times, you must think in terms of ways to cater to the customer needs to the best of your ability keeping in mind social distancing constraints and limited resources. Companies particularly e-commerce behemoths are over-burdened thanks to increasing online orders, prioritizing essentials, stocks running out, and ensuring the safety and good health of both customers and employees.

Amazon, for instance, has taken several proactive steps for supporting customers, communities, and employees. The company has ramped up fulfillment and even delivery hiring. Moreover, it has adjusted shopping hours chiefly for the elderly customers and it ensures fair pricing. Amazon has been trying its best to adjust logistics and delivery to prioritize essentials. It is trying its best to promptly cater to specific customer needs. Amazon has come up with the option of Unattended Delivery for customers who desire to avoid unnecessary contact with Amazon’s delivery agents. The online giant has pledged to come up with a donation of 250,000 essential items for the quarantine patients in Seattle. Moreover, Amazon would be picking up and delivering COVID-19 tests throughout the Seattle area as per CNBC.

Remain Present & Active in the Digital World

As people are staying at home, they are spending a lot more time on their smartphones and other mobile devices. They are spending far more time on social media to connect with the external world, on various OTT streaming platforms to keep themselves entertained, browsing e-commerce portals to shop the essentials, etc. Even though coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a disruption of advertising and marketing initiatives, marketers must consider keeping their plans fluid. Moreover, they could consider tweaking their ad-spends for reaching customers precisely where they currently are.


Even though the coronavirus pandemic is gradually unveiling itself, economists are compelled to imagine how it would be transforming the world. Many experts are anticipating remarkable shifts in the way supply chains are built and precisely how global trade tends to be conducted. However, businesses must tweak their policies and digital marketing plans to emerge victoriously.

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