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Maintaining long distance friendships

Man is social being and cannot live alone forever in the journey of life. Overtime, Man develops relationships with lot of individuals even outside blood relationships called friendships. Over time, friendships may sustain, break or just fade away. When a relationship ends, it shows the most harsh yet real nature of human relationships.

Friends help us interact just about anything and these conversation turn into ideas and thoughts that we hold with us for a lifetime.The people we bring into our lives as friends will show us how to forgive, laugh, and approach others. The basis of the qualities that are reflected in any relationship that we share with our spouse or our coworkers for instance, are all founded in early friendships that we maintain for a lifetime. We learn how to understand and interact with people because of our friends, even the friends who don’t share the same views about various things in the world teach us a lot.

In the modern lifestyle, we tend to move a lot. You might even change multiple cities while pursuing your education and career path in life. So, the question is how do we maintain long distance friendships? In other to understand it better we must focus on why friendship is a must and why the will to maintain it must come from inside you and not be forced upon you in any manner whatsoever.

Friends help us not to feel lonely or get depressed over time. Friends don’t completely cure loneliness but they do help us get by easily during bad days. I have seen people advised to seek help from support groups. Well, your friends even from long-distance can be your very own private support group. When you have a will to stay in touch, you accept kindness and also to reach out when someone needs help. It develops a skill that no school can ever teach you. Any painful period in our life without friends might help us appreciate some good friendships that you shared with a few individuals in life. But, if you don’t maintain it owing to distance because of your work or whatever reason, some tend to choose intoxicants as replacement which usually ends up badly both financially and for your health in long run. You will always fine a good friend by your side no matter what to accept his share of responsibilities for your act. A true friend is someone you could reckon on at any point, someone who is just a call away in danger, pleasure or pain. Friends can’t be valued and are priceless. No amount of business relationships that keeps you tied owing to the money surpass friendship based on trust.

Why do most of the friendship end? There is no tested equation for friendship. It may be matter of time, place or personal/common interests. One can find a “BETTER” friend and might forget the existing one, or that person may want to avoid his friend due to a reason. Most awful of all, to a friend is that he/she may move to new place far away from a good friend. Although, time has changed and brought new technologies connecting people very closely with each other if they wanted.

So, when you have a friend moving away for some reason, you shouldn’t just give up and instead try and maintain the friendship for one of the many above said qualities. When you spend some time with people, you develop a bond with them, which indeed you would miss when that other person or you are away. Don’t be sad and gloomy about it just because of the distance. Good friends miss their friends and there is nothing wrong about it. Sending emojis on smart phones with touch screen isn’t tangible enough. In the busy schedule, you feel the need to teleport to converse with your friend one-on-one.

You feel the most comfortable around your friends. You don’t not have to pretend to be someone else or act, because in the realm of friendship, you are always the real you and how you want to be. There is no room for pretence in friendship.

So, how do you maintain a long-distance friendship? Don’t reckon solely on technology. Many long-distance couples may thank their lucky stars for video chat, instant messaging, and what not that made it so much easier to stay in touch with their loved ones. But let’s not forget the power of having something physical that reminds you of your partner. Keeping a piece of clothing around that still smells like your partner, having a special token that serves as a symbol of your commitment, or displaying a gift from them prominently in your bedroom can serve as proximal reminders of their presence. And don’t underestimate the joy of receiving something tangible from them: a funny postcard, an unexpected gift, or a delivery of your favourite candy.

Don’t get too nosy in a long distance relationship of a specific nature. When you are in a romantic relationship, there is a critical point in many long-distance relationships, the fact that you don’t really have a sense of what your partner is up to, day in and day out. You are constantly possessive as your partner is out of your sight and you can’t immediately see them. Some believe it is the test of the distance that brings a couple closer. Simmer down when your partner makes mistake in a long-distance relationship as it is totally normal. Mistakes could of drastic nature but try to keep an open mindset and always listen to your partner. Don’t let it fuel behaviour that veers toward suspicion. When you want to connect, connect. When you want to hear your partner’s voice, call them. When you want to text a question, text a question. But don’t play games of detective. Your partner will pick up on the intrusive nature of your inquiries, and they will not feel welcome. You’ve chosen the leap of faith required to be in a long-distance relationship, and you simply can’t know for sure what they’re doing all day. Sometimes giving personal space to the other person will help your relationship grow in a positive direction.

At that time of your friend’s departure, you try to have best contact possible with your friend. If you are looking a vivid, vibrant, colourful, simple yet powerful device, I have found an interesting thing. It is called a friendship lamp. It is not “yet another Gadget to live with”. It is certainly innovative. It is just made to let your friend know that you are thinking of him/her. It doesn’t require you to have any knowledge to operate as designers have worked hard to make it completely beginner friendly. Basically upon basic setup using a wifi connection and a group ID, all you need is to touch to lighten up your friend’s lamp with the same colour. What a unique way to connect and express yourself with friends. Whenever you touch the Friendship Lamp, your friend’s lamp would also lighten up with an effect and it looks gorgeous in night, letting him know that you are thinking about him/her. So, gift him/her the friendship lamp before he/she moves to distant place. It is the coolest and most minimalist electronic device to stay connected.

You touch your unit in a pair of lamps and your friend sees the lamp and gets a smile. He/she is constantly reminded of you and the bond you share without any cross border restrictions all over the Internet. And you feel a profound level of satisfaction when your friend replies you back with a touch. There are multiple other ways to stay in touch but nothing works better than a beautiful bright light in silence or in night without making any unnecessary buzzing notifications or noises.

We could just use smartphones but it can’t replace the power of tangible touch that is being reflected on the other side with a bright beautiful light. You can’t use phones all the day to keep in touch as we tend to avoid phones on a busy day or in a tense workplace environment. However, this lamp is minimal and does what it is made for, that is to keep you and your friends together.

So, next time don’t complaint when your special friend or friends aren’t around and left your town or city for a job or education and try Friendship Lamps from Friendship Lamps UK. You will have a quick easy-peasy fun way to connect with your friend or group. You can also surprise your friend by gifting him/her one right now. Also, what could go wrong with a quality product that comes with a 30-days no questions asked money back guarantee and a robust team of customer support executives.

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