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4 Apps To Enrich Your Mobile Entertainment Experience

To say that the smartphone era is here is an understatement. At the start of 2020, there are at least 3.65 billion smartphone users in the world, which is a staggering 45% of the world’s entire population. The app industry is booming and constantly evolving, and as more and more people update their mobile phones, the industry will continue to grow.

Suffice it to say; smartphone users heavily depend on their devices for entertainment. From games to social media to apps that stream content, there are many choices and alternatives out there for both iOS and Android users when it comes to making yourself entertained. Here are four of the best apps to enrich your smartphone entertainment experience:

Popcorn Flix

Imagine this: you just came off work, laying on your bed staring at the ceiling, thinking of what to do to kill boredom. You realize you want to check out a recommended movie by a friend so you search the Internet to see where you can catch it. It turns out, you can stream it for free with an app! That’s where PopcornFlix is for!

PopcornFlix offers you a selection of movies from classic releases to modern-day hero films. You can download movies free of charge from the app – you just need to sign up! The app has a category of free movie downloads so you can fill up your queue list. Never have a dull night again! Oh, and did we mention you can stream your favorite TV series here, too?

Youtube Offline

Youtube has cemented itself as a platform, unlike any other. What started as a video-sharing site proved to be the next big thing in launching the next wave of digital stars. With YouTube, you can subscribe to channels that appeal directly to your liking, and the homepage is a collection of the app’s recommendations plus new episodes from your subscribed list, and more!

The app on both iOS and Android is optimized for mobile viewing, so no matter what your screen size is, your content will adjust to it. Offline downloads are a godsend, so you can store the videos you want to watch for later and don’t have to worry about streaming it! Perfect for when you’re going out for a trip and don’t have an idea if the place you’re staying has reliable internet.


Arguably the biggest social media platform on the planet, Facebook is not just a way to communicate directly with friends, get relevant news, and discover new interests, it’s also a great app for entertainment! In fact, on average, people worldwide spend at least 3 hours of social media on their phones every day!

With a Facebook account, you have access to a trove of videos ranging from funny, smart, inspirational, even to downright silly. You can also use the app to wind down in between shifts to be updated on what your friends are up to. Like, comment, and share things in your timeline to keep the conversations going!


There’s nothing like a classic game of dots, isn’t it? As the late Steve Jobs has said, “Simplicity is hard,” and herein lies the power of this magical game. Dots is a game where you simply connect the dots. You start off with easy ones and progress to hard and complicated dot-connecting puzzles!

Dots are the perfect distraction when you’re commuting to and from home, waiting for your turn at the doctor’s office, or taking a break from studying! This game is a hit for all ages – from toddlers to kids to young adults down to seniors!


Several studies have shown that the average adult spends at least 8-10 hours a day exposed to some sort of media, whether it’s music, videos, games, films, or even literature. That means almost half of our days are allocated, staring at screens! So better make it worthwhile!

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