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Wolcen is an Alternative to Diablo 4 – Or it’s just Diablo 4 Filler

Wolcen is recently released on 13 February 2020 by making a unique entry in the Action RPG genre. May it be proved a worthy alternative to Diablo 4? While diehard fans of Diablo series awaiting for the release of Diablo 4, some of them may be found themselves in playing Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem as a filler to keep them entertainment until then.

You should know that Wolcen is considering an impressive entry into the industry of isometric ARPG hack ‘n slash genre, offering exceptionally high-quality graphics, significant sound effects, and a complete character customization system. Like some other RPGs, Wolcen is released with some bugs and issues that were overcome by developers. It takes off by leaving the bugs behind when everything is approximately fleshed out. Wolcen Gold is the primary currency, offering you a chance to unlock additional content like Wolcen Legendary Items and crafting materials.

Character Development – Wolcen vs. Diablo

Fans of Diablo were disappointed with the introduction of linear, streamlined skill and character development system, compared to Diablo 2 title, but Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem did a great job as it made its primary focus on these sentiments. Wolcen introduces a high-level approach to character development, performing with the traditional class system by enabling fans to use the skills of the game no matter which class they select, along with gear, equipment, and weapons. It doesn’t matter what kind of character the player chooses, whether it be a legendary warrior or a magician, Wolcen’s characters use all massive skill tree, unlike Diablo.

What Should Diablo 4 learn from Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem?

While some exciting features have confirmed for Diablo 4 so far, but it too early to the same something before release. The exciting news is that the developers have confirmed that they are playing and looking into other ARPGs for inspiration and deep character customization system. According to reports, Diablo 4 has taken notes on some downsides of Wolcen as well as some fans are considering that Wolcen’s visual details are much better than Diablo 4, while it would be correct.

Wolcen seems surprisingly fabulous and targets to introduce more realistic appearance, but struggle to maintain 50FPS on high setting in 4K. Relatively, Diablo 4 has a great look, but it should need to be smooth while running on its hardware to satisfy those who are thirsty for high-quality graphics.

Complex System Like Soul-like Games

For Action Role-playing Games, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem focuses on timed-combat maneuvers, including dodge rolls, to avoid enemy attacks. Although all these are near to the complex system of Souls-like games, like Sekiro, it stands for a high level.

Is Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem worth to play?

No doubt, Wolcen isn’t made for everyone, but those players who are looking for sophisticated games like Diablo 3, and Path of Exile, then Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem would be an excellent opportunity for them.

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