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Why giving away free stuff is the best marketing strategy for tech companies

There are so many market strategies in the world that work very well for the business sector but only some of them do really offer tech companies the real advantage. Giving away free stuff does not really seem for some people to have great results, but the reality is that it can boost the popularity of your company a lot.

When it comes to tech companies, this is very important. In today’s world, it is very hard to stand out for the crowd. The market is full of great companies who are creating content like no other, so how do you manage to make people believe that yours is actually the best one?

Well, this is where giving away free stuff comes into play. You need to let them use your products so that they can spread the word. There are many content makers on YouTube who are reviewing newly released products. Many companies are offering them their products for reviews, this is a very good idea. Especially because most of these people have millions of following, which will be a great promo for your product.

Companies have been giving away their stuff for free for a long time now and it has been proven many times that it actually is very helpful. Other than making your certain product very popular, it also helps you to become popular as a brand. The more people hear about your product, the more people will have information about the whole company.

Giving away free stuff is very popular

In the world, this tactic is being used in many fields. Everything from tech giants to fashion companies is using freebies to make themselves more popular than other companies. Other than the popularity, it can give your company status of some sort.

Gambling platforms are also very actively using freebies. They do not necessarily give away stuff for free, but many casinos have a lot of promotions and bonuses offered for their users. Jack Penny, one of the leaders of Playamo even said that the bonus systems have helped their platform a lot. As a result of the Playamo sign up bonus, the company was able to spread the word about their platform. Many people have even decided to play with the platform because of this promotion.

There are many other promotions and giveaways in the gambling world. The fashion industry is also very active when it comes to giving away free stuff. Beyonce recently started out her new clothing company and in the celebration, she sent some of the greatest stuff to many well-known people, including those like Janelle Monáe. After receiving the gift, Monáe took to Instagram to show people her new gifts, which raised the popularity of the line.

The same thing happens in the tech industry. When tech giants try to popularize the products they use freebies very actively and it makes a huge difference. The more known the company gets, the easier it is for them to have access to the larger audience.


The fact that you are ready to offer your products for free to people all around the world means that you are not afraid of many people using them and you believe in what you do. This can help people to trust you more.

Trust can be very important when it comes to tech companies. You need to make people know that you can offer them a safe and secure environment especially when you are creating something that has already been done.

Having a great piece of tech is not enough in today’s world. People are mostly more interested in the security and safety of it, and freebies can help you raise trust in people.

They will become your customers

When you offer people free stuff they won’t just continue buying your stuff but they will become your loyal costumers. It is a well-known fact, they will always remember the one time you gave them that incredible gift and they will stay loyal to you.

In the tech industry having many costumers is very important, after all, that makes you successful. Once you gave something for free, you will be getting to earn a lot more than the price of it was. They will tell their friends and surroundings how much they liked your product and the chain will continue to be very winning for you.


If you have a startup tech company, freebies can be life-changing for you. Once you have established your company and created your first products you need to have a good promo, and there is nothing cheaper and more successful than giving people your product for everyday use.

For a startup to be successful the popularity is much needed. People need to know what you offer, not from just the papers but also from the real experience. So, do not think twice, and give your new customers the opportunity to use your products.


Freebies can make your company thrive, it has been proven many times by many companies. There are hundreds of different tech giants in the world and it is very hard to have a competition with them.

However, buy creating amazing products and giving it out to people, you have a huge chance of becoming a leader in the field. People love to be treated well, and giving them free stuff is one of the greatest things you can do.

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