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Investing in an Access Control System: Pros and Cons

Do you still use a lock and key system to secure your business premises? Perhaps you don’t have any form of access control aside from a reception desk. For some businesses, this is enough. But many organisations need more robust security.

Unfortunately, you cannot predict when a security incident will affect your business. You may believe your premises are sufficiently secure until someone accesses confidential information or an ex-employee causes damage in your office. Companies across the globe are choosing to implement access control systems. Here, explains the reasoning behind the move towards secure access control.

Advantages of Access Control

Locks and keys are acceptable for a small entity without many employees. But as a business grows, locks and keys become inconvenient and insecure. It is expensive and difficult to replace lost keys and install new locks when keys are stolen. Keys are not practical for multiple employees to enter and exit a building. Doors remain open or unlocked as people forget or want easier access. This consequently leaves your company unsecure.

An access control system is more secure. Using ID cards or smart card entry means only people with relevant credentials can enter a building. You can also restrict access to certain rooms and areas. Cards are easily replaced if they are lost or stolen. They are also easier to use, and contactless entry is even more efficient. Employees are less likely to leave doors open as a convenience for people who may have forgotten their keys.

Access control systems also act as records of personnel movement around a building. You can record and analyse entry and exit times to monitor productivity and attendance. Smart cards may also be equipped with additional features for cashless vending or employee benefits schemes.

Disadvantages of Access Control

There is an initial cost outlay associated with upgrading to a new access control system. Small organisations may find this hard to meet initially. Yet, there are financial benefits associated with installing access control, which may make it easier to justify this expense.

It is important to consider what type of cards, locks and readers you need. Decide on your ideal features so your access control system is convenient and economical. By working out which system to invest in, you can avoid some of the potential downsides of this technology and benefit from the advantages.

You may not use an access control system if you have a small building and few employees. But any medium or large business will gain from investing in this vital technology to streamline and secure your premises.

An access control system brings many benefits to your business. You will be able to clearly see the value once the system is up and running. You gain peace of mind, security, and protection for staff and premises. And you can upgrade your access technology as your requirements change over time by adding new features to your cards or extending the controls to other areas of your building.

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