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Coil Winding Design: The most important step in micro-coil manufacturing

Coil Winding Design is one of the most important parameters while designing the sensors. The miniature designs of the sensors enable them to be easily used in medical applications, thus making them a revolution in medical technology.

The coils should be wounded in such a way that no wires should overlap or even come close to each other. Due to the presence of electromagnetic and inductive effects, the wounds of the coils might get damaged, thus damaging the sensor completely. There has to be proper care taken while winding the coil that the size of the coils must not exceed 0.8 mm, thus needing the use of the top-notch, high-end machines and machinery to bring about such manufacturing.

Let us look at the various types of coil winding design

Though there are many forms of coil winding, the below mentioned two are mostly used for industrial purposes, thus making it one of the major methods to wind the coil.

Non-core winding

The lack of any core around which the coil is wound is a form of winding which ensures that the coil is bonded to itself.

Core winding

The coil is wound around a material of a definitive shape, mostly rectangle. After the coil is wound, the shape of the coil remains rectangular, as the rectangular core of the coil gets eliminated.

One of the most apparent difficulties with the micro-coil designing is that it requires highly efficient machinery which enhances the coil winding. The availability of such machinery is often a difficult thing, thus it requires the machinery to be manufactured from the very beginning. The use of the coils is in the health care domain, thus requiring the use of the miniature coils, which again requires the handling of wires as thin as human hair. The handling of wires of such thinness is not easy, as the precision required is very high in such cases.

As the sensors used are for medical purposes, while the manufacturing of the sensors takes place, special care is taken about the environmental factors. Care about any form of allergy against the wires as well as the strict quality standards are to be maintained. The sensors are passed through an extensive stress test which is used to check their level of tolerance against the extremities.

Final thoughts

Though coil winding design becomes an important parameter for the manufacture of the sensors, yet care about the quality parameters are also ensured. The metrics of the quality are to be maintained and the use of precision instruments becomes a highly important parameter. Proper customization of the instruments is often a requirement, as different medical clients have separate requirements. It makes it difficult for the health care institutions to find highly advanced manufacturers for such coils, which makes it even more important. Though different forms of coils are available, it is often the winding of the coil that becomes an important parameter for the manufacture of the sensors, especially for the ones used in medical applications.

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