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How Can Solar Software Reduce Costs Over Time

At present, solar panel installation is one of the rapidly growing businesses in the country. The latest trends show that every 5 minutes, a new solar PV system is getting installed. Though the solar panels cost about 250 times less than they did a few decades ago, solar power is still quite expensive.

With the ever-increasing demand for this useful renewable energy, redundant practices of business management have proven to be less cost-effective. Solar companies are focusing on solar customer relationship management (CRM) software to save valuable effort and time, thus boosting sales. Efficient solar software is a cost-effective solution to manage growing solar demands.

Aspects of Business Where Solar CRM Software Can Assist

The augment of solar sales and project management software in the existing solar business model has proven to score higher efficiency. However, such software is beneficial only when it expedites faster learning and a simplified user interface.

Also, as per the latest research, it takes about 50 cents per watt to acquire a solar client in the US. Thus, a 6-KW residential rooftop installation will need a whooping budget of about $3000. A tangible CRM software effectively contributes to generating solar leads, sufficing in winning more customers, cost-effectively.

Precise Categorization

Appropriate categorization is vital to attain the required efficiency. The CRM software for the solar energy industry needs to be well-equipped to categorize and manage the business components distinctively.

For instance, recent studies show 1.5 million US households will go solar over the next couple of years. Thus, the software should be capable of classifying such critical clients.

It enables the stakeholders to streamline their business practices, thus increasing sales and production cumulatively, in a cost-effective way.

Easy Accessibility

With the CRM software consolidating all contacts and associated action items in one location, all the authorized stakeholders can access them remotely. States like Florida and Texas are emerging as new prospects for the solar market.

An increased solar panel deployment is inevitable in these regions. Hence, more employees will work from various locations, like the field or remote workstations.

The robust CRM software can offer a mobile-optimized interface, allowing employees to access, edit, and update the complete task list with work orders from remote locations. This facility will help to reduce operational costs and also the precious time of the concerned staff, working on the field.

Exceptional Communication

The experts suggest that the smart solar market will grow by 15%, with effective internal communication and collaboration between employees and other stakeholders.

Solar software facilitates constant communication among the employees of the organization. Further, the software comes with features like automatic notifications, making the assignment of new tasks to the solar panel deployment teams on the field easy.


A diligent CRM software aids in automating redundant and everyday tasks. Automation saves several manual hours and thus helps to realize an overall increase in cost-effective efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, with automation, the smart solar market is estimated to grow to USD 13 Billion by this year, at a CAGR of 16%.

Thus, solar CRM software is a critical resource for continuous solar business growth and cost-efficient solutions.

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