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5 Best App Signers for iOS in 2020

Tinkering around with your phone is the sign of a true techie. But if you are in possession of anything that runs on iOS, then you will find this process quite tricky. Luckily, there are apps out there, called app signers, that will help you with this task. And this article will tell you everything you need to know about them.

An app signer is a very useful app to have by your side when it comes to an iOS device. The app lets you combine various IPA files that will get you a combined file. And for those of you who don’t know, an IPA file is the one which stores apps on the iOS platform. Coming back to signers, the app shows its utility when multiple apps have to be installed on the device.

Need for app signers

App signers will help you out in quite a lot of situations

  • As mentioned above it will help you install multiple apps at once.
  • You use it to download tweaked versions of apps. And tweaked versions will have additional features that you often wish were present in the official app.
  • The app also lets you get free versions of paid apps. Hence you can have a taste of the app before buying its official version.
  • It also lets you install large or complex applications with ease.

Desktop-based app signers

1. Cydia Impactor

It is a well-heard name among people who are constantly trying to tinker around with their mobile devices. The app comes in handy when installing third party IPA files on iOS devices. Just follow the official guide on and you’re good to go.

  • With this tool, you can install third-party apps on your iPhone without jailbreak.
  • The app contains an inbuilt USB driver. Hence, you can connect it directly to your computer. But you do have to install the drivers separately.
  • It provides provisions to update packages and recover files without the use of Fastboot tools.
  • If your phone and computer get disconnected, you can restart the connection easily.

2. IPA Signer

IPA Signer is another app that will let you load IPA files without jailbreaking your device. The app resolves several issues as compared to Cydia and is quite popular.

  • There are versions of the app for a wide range of iPhones working on various versions of iOS.
  • The app has options that even allow the work to be done without the use of a Mac or laptop.
  • It can quite easily help you get ++versions and free versions of apps.
  • You can handle it even without much knowledge of coding, thanks to its user-friendly design.

3. AltDeploy

There are many people out there that are having a hard time with Cydia Impactor. Luckily, there is another alternative to do its deeds. But be advised, AltDeploy is a Mac OS app and will not work on Windows.

  • It is on par with Cydia in terms of user interface and lets you install apps swiftly without much trouble.
  • Re-entering your Apple ID each and every time you have to use the app can be annoying. The app puts you at ease and saves the ID.
  • You can even add multiple Apple IDs to your list.
  • You can also easily switch between the Apple IDs according to your wish without any hassle.

App-based app signers

1. TweakBox

As the name suggests, the app holds in may tweaked versions of popular apps. The advantage here is that TweakBox has these apps within its software. Hence, you can get these apps on your device quite easily. You can even find multiple versions of the same app that have been tinkered with or updated according to the preferences of different people. It has some of the useful AntiRevoke apps listed inside.

2. App valley

App valley is another app available across both iOS and android platforms that lets you install tweaked apps. This app also lets you enjoy these without any jailbreak. When it comes to iOS, the app holds well for both iPad and iPhones. And apart from third-party apps, you can also get access to unofficial content.


The article above gives you all the necessary details about app signers and even lists out the best ones out there. Now, you can go ahead and start messing around with your phone. Welcome to the amazing world of tweaked iOS app!

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