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Technology – changing lives and homes!

There is no denying in the fact that a smartphone or any mobile device with an internet connection is becoming your continuous support for information and knowledge. Whether it is for applying for a new job in a new city or making arrangements to find a house on rent in Bangalore or other cities, internet and mobile devices are ruling the game. Technology has gradually paved its way to become an inevitable part of our lives and if you come to think of it, there is probably no industry that has not been affected by it. And the mortgage industry is no different.


The shift of the real estate industry in India to the digital space is contributing towards bringing about a positive change in the way people now find their dream houses or simply a place on rent while they are hopping around the country for the job they do. Right from finding a house for rent in Bangalore or the other major metropolitan cities in India to transact the finances for the house, technology has made the process easier than it used to be earlier.

India has now, similar to other products, online marketplaces for real estate properties as well. The tech-savvy young adults in India are more prone to using online portals to find houses for rent or to invest in by looking through websites such as and several others. These websites offer listings of currently available properties according to the requirement of the customer, based on the preferred budgets and areas. They also offer a comparative study of the properties based on the reviews by the experts and the customers. Since many of the mobile crowd prefer avoiding the brokerage, most of the websites offer broker-free lists of properties available for immediate or schedule possession.

Like any other sector, the digital versions of the real estate sector is now present in the smartphone in the form of proprietary apps which both the property seekers and the lenders can access. The exchange of necessary information is now easier and getting a house on rent in much faster than ever. These apps also have reminders set for loan and rent payments and sending intimations to the owners about the payments that are already done. The details about the payments are generated and sent as messages to both the parties for records.

Another significant offering that digital revolution has offered to the real estate industry is the ability to calculate the valuation of a property digitally with the help of the online calculators for loan to value and FICO credit scores. This is one of the major reasons of having interested and potential buyers in Bangalore looking for properties to invest in and move away from the tedious processes of earlier times. The discussions and transactions can be taken care of irrespective of the either person’s locations. Coupled with this the availability of legal documents with the e-signatures. The process of securing legal documents with the details of the mortgage or tenancy has become simpler and less time consuming with the acceptance of digital signatures that are verified by authentic sources. The property owners can prepare the documents digitally and email them to the tenants with the verified signatures for perusal.

Given the current scenario, there is no denying in the fact that technology has made the process of finding houses for rent or purchase simpler and faster. With the apps in the smartphone, hunting a house, booking it and funding it is easier than before.

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