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How-To: Social Media Community Management in The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is under heavy restrictions when it comes to advertising and marketing. Despite the many health benefits that products like CBD oil come with, it turns out that promoting cannabis-related products through social media pages is challenging.

Marketing your cannabis to the growing social media audience requires an effective advertising strategy. The three aspects of social media management should include a hashtag research team, a team for creating cannabis content, and an efficient customer service team.

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Why Cannabis Firms Need Social Media Management

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have strict terms, making it challenging to market CBD oil or other related products in the United States or any other country despite the legal system supporting cannabis for recreational or medicinal research.

However, this should not discourage you from coming up with an effective marketing plan. Without social media, it is challenging to scale up your sales, track the return on investments, and perform audience demographics. You can target organic traffic to promote cannabis to an active audience.

It is crucial to engage your audience by sharing different posts on cannabis and encourage them to have an open conversation with you. Here are some tips on how to go about this:

1. Use Messenger Chatbots for Direct Chats

The message application on many social media platforms gives an advantage to companies that seek to chat directly to web visitors. Chatbots are algorithms on a website enabling communication through chats. Most apps or software supporting direct chats use artificial intelligence and machine learning. They allow you to respond to your customers on time and give them feedback, even when you are offline.

Customers interacting through chatbots use a unique tool that offers one of the best social media marketing plans. Chatbots manage your prospects, giving you an insight into your customers. It is almost personal because the customers feel comfortable when their queries get answered.

The use of chat applications makes it easy to connect and answer client’s questions on demand. Its automation relies on frequently asked questions, which is a good source of information.

2. Audit Your Social Media Activity

Auditing your social media strategy helps identify where you need to spend more. An audit report is an analysis of relevant data giving an insight on how to address your audience. Several social media applications offer templates for performing an audit.

Analytical data is enough evidence to use when supporting useful posts and bringing down posts with little influence.

3. Know your Goals

Knowing what to manage is what guides you in establishing how to handle social media advertising. Understand the mission statement and business objective and make sure all communication to clients carry the goals of the organization.For instance you want people to buy cannabis seeds online through your portal so your main aim should be to engage them with creativity & information pertaining to how these seeds can be a life changer.

Let the potential clients relate to the messages you are sending them.

4. Start Your Campaigns

Organize marketing strategies that your primary audience can relate to. Such campaigns bring the community together and can turn a hashtag event into a public event.

You may start a community discussing marijuana legalization and how it affects your business. When cannabis users find such a topic, they will engage. The idea is to start an idea and make it exciting for others to follow.

5. Build Brand and Customer Loyalty

Listening and interacting with your clients through social media is enough proof of how much you value clients. Managing social media activities is the best way to manage the client-company relationship among people with an interest in cannabis.

Tracking social media through listening, cannabis companies get to know how customers spend time online. It is easy to tell which cannabis product drives traffic on your platforms.

Online stores can monitor customer feedback as they post them online. The feedback offers an opportunity for your organization to improve on compliments and use negative feedback to improve on cannabis products.

Use this information to take part in online discussions relating to your products actively, and use the data to get new cannabis content.

6. Empathize with Your Audience

Your cannabis product branding should represent your company without displacing the audience’s needs. The sales pitch should not be artificial, and the target audience should find an appropriate response.

Listen to your audience and evaluate the way they respond to your products on every launch and respond appropriately.

7. Use Relevant Pictures

The use of images in marketing is the right choice when you seek an emotional response. Use pictures that depict a clear message about your company’s image. For example, a cannabis firm known for the exploration of medical marijuana may not share images of being high.

8. Research on Hashtags and Website Optimization

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Hashtags are social media labels that make it easier to gather information on a single theme. Cannabis brands can utilize the hashtag approach to reach the target audience and help usual clients filter the information they relate with.

Hashtags are a common occurrence on Twitter and Instagram and are essential tools a cannabis firm use to reach their audience and help in information filtering. The advantage of using hashtags like Cannabis Concentrates is to involve people who do not follow you or the company.

A cannabis business can use the approach to reach new potential clients without upselling existing followers. Creative marketing should have its way of devising relevant and popular hashtags, making it easier to sieve out relevant information that should reach the client.

How to Manage Marijuana Social Media Platforms

You need to trust your marketing team who understand how social media marketing works.

Make sure the marketing department has enough experience and use the right approach in the execution of the cannabis social media plan.

There is an option of using digital marketing companies to manage the interaction between your clients and products.


Social media is changing every day, and one tactic that is popular today will be irrelevant tomorrow. The tips should help you improve how the community perceives your organization. Proper implementation means better sales, a good relationship with your potential clients, and improvement in reputation.

A good marketing team should be about maintaining an effective cannabis content campaign using the available social media strategies. Marketing in social media may be a challenge due to restrictions. However, that does not mean you cannot do it. Cannabis advertising and content management gain traction with the use of the right approach and tools.

Focus only on passing useful and educative content that is not promoting the direct use of cannabis products. Use such information to increase your social media presence organically.

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