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Best Mobile Games About Travelling

It is difficult to find an interesting game directly related to travel – most of them are just tests for knowledge of countries, cities, flags or sights. Especially for travelers who booked Grand Rapids Hotel and don’t know what to do while the journey. That is why we introduce you a unique list of mobile games.

80 Days

In a steampunk fantasy based on the work of Jules Verne, you become Paspartu, the servant of traveler Phileas Fogg. The gentleman confidently bet that he could circumvent the world in 80 days. A stunning game in terms of plot and possibilities, in which you have to move from city to city to get around the world in 80 days. An infinite number of variants of continuation and unexpected plot turns in which you’ll drive along Trans-Siberian railway or at Eastern expressway, try to fly over the North Pole by hot-air balloon (from the first time it’s unlikely to happen) or cross the desert on camels.

The game has collected many nominations and awards and is still being updated: the creators are adding new cities, routes, and dialogues. Do not regret the price – the whole application costs you money.

Aviation Empire Platinum

You start the game in 1919 when KLM made its first flight. You had to develop your route network, buy new aircraft, build and improve airports. The most exciting thing about the game is to keep track of generations of planes and open up new routes the way they were opened in the 20th century by the famous Dutch airline

Papers, Please

A game whose relevance has been growing ever since it was released. You are an inspector of the immigration service of the border town of the fictional state of Arstotzka. Crowds of migrants want to get into your country, but among them, there are smugglers, spies, and terrorists. The task is to establish, using the simplest systems of verification and documents, who can be let into the country, who can be refused and who should be arrested. A lot of awards and nominations, 20 different endings, all this is a game Papers, Please. Less than one: you can only play the game on your iPad from a mobile device.

Plague Inc.

In front of you is a map of the world, and you are a virus that needs to destroy resisting humanity. The game will require to take into account such features as air or water distribution, climate, the development of the country and more. It will be doubly fun if you name the virus after your friend or one of the many domestic problems.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

A game that you will hate, but you can’t get away from. Also a nominee and winner of many awards. You get into the wild, just like a hiker, but without a backpack, kettle, guitar and alcohol. You must eat, you must not go crazy with fear, you must defend yourself against wolves. In this case, the game has a complex plot, and the level of difficulty not to adjust – it is immediately maximum, in addition, without the ability to survive. A huge number of features that seem to have been thought out by our parents-engineers, makes the game both delightful and annoying. It is better to play on a computer, but you can also play on mobile devices. True, you risk throwing your phone in the nearest wall after another death.

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