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Why is Ruby on Rails So Popular on Startup Building?

Nowadays the Ruby on Rails technology is turning into the one true preferred instrument for startups. The reasons for such a case are explained by multiple advantages the method provides. We shall thoroughly discuss every RoR edge to get to the truth on what happens when future service owners pick the mentioned tools for the building process.

Timing for marketing

That’s considered to be the fundamental advantage. Cold statistics clearly prove that projects designed with Ruby on Rails means are created 40% faster as compared to other approaches.

Multiple influencers contribute to fast-track the procedures

  • RoR syntax is rather simple to figure out and apply, so the coding phase is extensively facilitated;
  • RoR functionalities provide technical possibilities to ensure a well-considered convention enabling simpler architecture. And, which is even more valuable, mentioned coherent technique works for reducing costs when there’s a need to engage additional developers into a certain startup. Such a simplified structure will help them figure out every detail faster;
  • Ruby on Rails technology delivers helpful instruments, for instance, console alternators, free-of-charge libraries, elements of codes, modules, etc. Those are completely ready to apply and enjoy. More importantly, while developing a web resource via the RoR method one can implement solutions made by different creators;
  • RoR tools help to achieve proper engagement with databases since it’s possible to create pretty same codings for various appropriate databases. Namely, programmers can easily start creating the resource, and the decision on what solution to select for data storage could be made later on, or might even be changed in the course;
  • auto testing means are also part of Ruby on Rails features. They were built into the framework to get faster to the stage when the service works smooth and trouble-free. The testing phase might consume a long time, so the RoR approach shall accelerate the case.


Another reason for given technology demand lies at its scalable nature. Certainly, entrepreneurs expect their business to expand, then such future perspectives have to be predetermined at the outset.

Frameworks built by means of RoR solutions are characterized by impressive scalability. In such a way, they always manage to be responsive to the specific needs of the market which is never constant.

Ruby on Rails instruments serve to guarantee a platform to handle the unlimited quantity of users.

Simple maintenance

It’s such a hassle when developers build a service via newly fangled software that, shortly, stops being supported. And the project itself will get impacted negatively. Therefore, here’s another reason to opt for RoR methods for a startup to succeed.

In fact, the phenomenon in question represents a genuinely time tested software. Its owners aren’t planning to stop there, so upgraded versions keep getting launched impressing its clients with enhanced and advanced functionalities.

Coming back to conventions and simplified architecture points we’d like to mention that codes are written to be intuitive. Thus, they could be altered effortlessly and swiftly by any person with particular skills. Meaning, not only the one who made codes can actually modify those. It’s critical.

Financial efficiency

Given software is actually based on open source coding, which guarantees service efficiency money-wise. The solution is licensed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and their license is free-of-charge. RoR framework has all it takes to fast-track procedures and to cut costs.

Reliable security

Ruby on Rails protection is something amazing.

We’re all well aware of hacking threats, and each of us takes preventive measures. RoR techniques shall surely support service owners in this matter since the security issue is one of the key priorities.

Such an approach easily secures against SQL/XSS hazards. Additionally, Ruby on Rails widely implements passkeys’ encryption, users’ private details are encrypted as well. The data users enter is well-protected by default.

Considerable community of Ruby on Rails specialists

It does matter, don’t you agree?

Such a considerable community is another proof of RoR’s popularity and significance. Furthermore, due to the substantial number of experts in this area, every entrepreneur can find the right RoR developers to meet specific business requirements.

Few more advantages

  • understanding the importance of caching, RoR offers valuable data caching instruments;
  • specific testing implements cover every area of code performing various testing required to guarantee high quality of services;
  • great localization characteristics get the platform translated into a certain language depending on where a specific user is.

Well, are you still having certain hesitations on the mentioned technologies? Maybe it’s because you don’t really know multiple successful software built with RoR? We shall correct such injustice immediately.

Successful projects developed by means of Ruby on Rails tools


Every programmer is familiar with this platform.

Developers apply GitHub widely. Actually, GitHub represents a service of the programmer community. That’s a striking example proving the software developed through RoR instruments will happily manage enormous databases of their visitors.


That’s a pretty challenging web resource that assists its users to build their e-stores with decent parameters. Shopify takes great care of over 500.000 clients.

The platform never stops developing providing its customers with more and more essential characteristics and functionalities. So you can see how scalable Shopify is, and, of course, it’s designed using RoR means.


Who hasn’t heard of Airbnb? It is an international platform for travelers to find and book accommodations in the country they enjoy. Every user shall surely get what he/she wants since the service presents any kind of apartment.

Thanks to the Ruby on Rails approach Airbnb is flexible and scalable as much as it has to be. And also RoR techniques allow saving time to spend it on designing and installing new great functions.


Here’s another well-known video game broadcast digital resource. It’s a community specifically for those who love playing themselves and watching games of others. Twitch users play, of course, socialize, and watch games, both, live or recorded.

So, you can surely guess how strong the platform has to be to cope with the loads. Undoubtedly, RoR has helped Twitch to be properly efficient. The solution is functioning perfectly managing even great loads.


The platform represents a specific project management solution which was designed by one of Ruby on Rails creators, so, naturally, RoR tools were applied for Basecamp development.

The service accounts for over 2 million users, and the number only grows every day, cos clients enjoy the platform and the features it provides. Actually, multiple Ruby on Rails innovations were, first of all, tested at Basecamp program.

Summing up, we’d like to mention once again that RoR techniques considerably increase chances for a solution to become demanded and to drive revenue, cos they assist with credible coding, saving time for testing to launch the service faster.

As you can see multiple solutions developed with Ruby on Rails technology have become truly popular. Is that a coincidence? Well, hardly.

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