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Instagram Marketing: Proven Strategies for Growing Your Instagram Account

Every company like InstaGrowing tells you that growing your Instagram is the best way to generate more leads and customers online. But doing that will take a bit of time and effort as you try to find the right approach. With that in mind, you have to realize that with the right approach you can connect with more than half a billion that have an account on this platform.

According to Sue B Zimmerman, finding the right strategies for Instagram growth is not going to be extremely hard as you might imagine. She actually wanted to share some of her own strategies with us. She got to acquire more than 85k IG followers and she is known for the fact that she does Instagram marketing for a living. So, how can you get more followers and grow your business?

Add a call to action to your Instagram stories

Ideally you don’t want the Instagram stories to fall flat. You want to encourage people to take some sort of action though. This will benefit your business, plus it does bring in front lots of engagement ideas so you might as well want to consider that just to see how it works for you in the end.

Create a hashtag

Every Instagram user that has a large audience should create a hashtag. This helps represent your community and a lot of people will be proud of displaying that hashtag. It’s also one of the coolest ways for the community to rally together. And it’s for a great cause nonetheless, so the results will be pretty interesting in the end, which is what you really want from something like this.

Welcome new followers

You can use the direct messages feature on Instagram to do that. This is a great thing for your business because you show just how much you care about them and it will be well worth the effort. You should totally give it a shot in that perspective.

Tell a story

Sharing bland messages doesn’t really work anymore. You always need to try and find a way to express your business and ideas the best way that you can. Doing that will help you immensely and it will showcase the interest and value that you can provide in such a situation. It will definitely be a bit tricky as you try to figure out the system that works for you and how everything adapts as a whole.

In conclusion, opting for Instagram marketing makes a lot of sense and it can do wonders if you tackle everything correctly. The focus has to be on using all the tools at your disposal. With a little bit of hard work and attention to detail, nothing can really stand in your way. And it’s safe to say that the outcome will always shine no matter what happens. You have to create a good strategy and stick to it. Put a smiling face as an avatar, do everything to improve your approach and avoid rushing. All these things can help pay off a lot.

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