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Utopia P2P Ecosystem — Anti-Surveillance and Anti-Tracking Project

Society is aware of the fact that it’s being watched non-stop. Every web-step of yours is being monitored and collected by dozens of corporations, governments, and sometimes individual computer abusers. Sending confidential information through unprotected messengers/browsers, you make it basically open to a certain public. This way, they can freely profile your personality and use the info for their own good – marketing, accusation, and simple identity theft.

The issue still has a solution — the Utopia P2P ecosystem.

It will provide you with a package solution — protected communication, anonymous web-surfing, confidential payment processing, etc. Here is how.

Utopia P2P ecosystem in brief

It’s an enclosed ecosystem that integrates all the services and tools designed for your web-security. It’s peer-to-peer — no central servers are involved, which equals the impossibility to steal the info. Moreover, it encrypts all the information in a local crypto container of each user.

It is created for people concerned with privacy and dealing with confidential information daily — political activists, writers and journalists, and other content creators.

How is it possible?

Safe communication

All of us want their chats to remain to be as private as possible (as it’s supposed to be).

Utopia offers uMessenger, which enables real-time exchanging of encrypted instant messages of any type, creating public chats and channels. You can attach an unlimited number of multimedia files to each message. Stickers, emoji, and other perks are on hand.

There is a built-in uMail, as well. This is a protected alternative to well-known emails.

Anonymous web-surfing

You can visit web-resources created within the Utopia network absolutely anonymously. You won’t leave any traces with a browser called Idyll.

Note: there is a Utopia’s alternative to traditional DNS — uNS, thanks to which you can register any web-resources in the network — web pages, sites, e-shops, and API for convenient integration.

Confidential payments processing

Utopia offers you to create your own uWallet to conduct and receive payments for your services and goods anonymously. Crowdinvesting has never been easier and more anonymous!

What’s really impressive is that Utopia has its own currency Crypton. All the payments are made with it. It’s immune to market volatility and minable (you earn it for each 15-minute session on Utopia.)

What else should you know?

In addition to all services above, you can play (and create) Games there, manage your attachments and transfers, there is a uMaps where you can add your channel location for convenient actions coordination (for activists), and a load of other perks, which you would love.

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