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Make the Most of Instagram’s Newest Features

As one of the world’s largest and most popular social networks, Instagram needs to constantly reinvent itself and roll out new and innovative features. This has been the case quite recently, with the social network launching two interesting features: the possibility to add more than one photo per posting (“carousel”), and the option to download live streams.

Most people and brands on Instagram have the goal of getting a great visibility, and these two new features can really help in obtaining more views. Here is how.

Using “carousel” to publish panoramas

Instagram is hardly the best social network to publish panoramas but now, thanks to the “carousel” feature and an external app, it might well become one. InstaWide is an Android app that takes advantage of the new album feature to publish these wide photos.

Available for free, the app is able to crop one image into several others in a square or rectangular format to form a panorama, allowing your friends to see much more details of the landscape, for example. The resulting “pieces” will normally be published on your profile, and viewers just need to slide their finger to the left.

Downloading live stream videos

Another novelty recently introduced by Instagram is the possibility for users to download their own live streams they just made on the phone. The new feature is already available both for Android and iOS versions of the app, and there are no limitations on its use.

Using this feature is only dependable to the storage space available on each device, which is something especially important to look at in the case of long-running streams. It is worth noting that only the video is saved – comments, likes, number of views or any other interaction are not stored.

With the stream available on the phone as a regular video, it can then be uploaded to other platforms, such as Facebook or YouTube, which can actually be really useful.

These novelties are just two examples of Instagram’s innovative spirit – even though, as we know, some other aspects seem snapped from other apps. Regardless, Instagram seems to be a hot hub for people and companies, so these novelties will surely keep the trend going.

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