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How To Promote Your Fintech Startup

Over the past three years fintech companies have taken the world by storm. Investments in this sector have significantly grown, resulting to 50% of these startups growing to exponential figures in the last one year.

As we move to the year 2020, a significant increase in the number of fintech startups is expected. As such, a company has to increase both its online and offline visibility to remain competitive.

In this article, we are going to look at the various ways you can market your fintech to capture both your consumer’s and investors’ attention.

Social media

Social media platforms are the leading online marketing tools that guarantee businesses, both startups and large companies alike, of a high return on investment (ROI). What’s more, they have no barriers on entry and they are cost-effective.

For instance, if your products and services are for the millenials, here is where you will find most of them. If you deal with fintech software development services, there are various forum where you will get these type of audience.

Most people depend on social media for information and recommendation. Payments applications have made services easier and faster.

Apart from these, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have forged new relationships. They are also the perfect tools for keeping tabs on your competitors.

Press releases

One marketing strategy that will get your fintech startup noticed by potential investors is having a feature of your startup published by a reputable fintech journalist.

As these press releases are distributed from one state to the other, your target audience and potential investors will take an interest in your company, which also helps in building brand awareness.

For this, it is only strategic to get in touch with various journalists that cover your niche and use their influence to tell the world what you are about.

Content marketing

Having a solid content marketing strategy coupled with high quality materials that are informative and visually appealing, will not only enhance organic traffic but also increase your visibility rankings on search engines.

The first step to content marketing is posting content on your blog or webpage which can then be pushed to social media pages. Also, actively participating in discussion of your content on various platforms is healthy as it leads to greater exposure of your content.

One great example of content marketing is doing explainer videos of new products and services. This will be much appreciated by consumers and this will help your brand gain brand credibility which, with continuous application will result in your brand being a top brand; a brand to reckon with.

Direct media advertisement

The media is very strict on preserving their reputation. This is why they will conduct researches, especially if your product is new to the market.

In direct media advertisements, the specialists will look at your targeted consumer demographics, budget, and your geographical limitations among other things, to realize the best media startegy to use to advertise your product or service.

Some of these strategies include buying impression ads over the Internet as well as TV and radio commercials.

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