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How to prepare your car for winter

With over 1 billion cars running all the way day and night and having a period of 3 months of winter in a year, every person faces some fatal problems that somehow damage their vehicle on a different scale. And in the times when you need some altering with the house and your wardrobe, there is a hefty chance that you definitely should take care of your vehicle in cold and freezing temperatures.

For proper prevention of the breakdown of your car or an accident, we reached out to some of the best auto experts who enacted as myth busters for some heavily known myths — thus explaining how to take care of our car in Winter.

Make A Proper Kit Of The Following Items And Have It In Your Car Always

Harvard Polls show that the chance of dying in a car accident is 1 in 5,000. So it’s always good to stay in the lane safely. And staying safe can sometimes start from the inside of your car. One of the most important is keeping a good car battery charger with you as it usually happens that your battery won’t start in winters. You can check out the best car battery charger and review them online.

Keep a medical kit in your glove box or your trunk so that mishaps can be controlled. Get suitable wiper blades that are designed to cut the snow. Have socks on your regular ones so that you save time while going somewhere.

Have some amount of sand in your car so that if you’re stuck, then you can apply some on the front wheels and increase traction. Tell someone beforehand about the way you choose to go on. Charge your phone before leaving and have an extra charger in your car for an emergency.

Maintain Appropriate Tire Pressure

Most of the auto experts gave light over the fact that low temperatures decrease air in tires more rapidly. On average, below 32 Degree is a major sign of the rapid deflation of the tire. Check your tire pressure on a weekly basis. Lower the pressure of air in the tire, lower is the gas mileage, and the wearing of tires takes more pace. Improper tire pressure reduces control of your car along with all conditions and, most importantly, in bad conditions.

Always check for proper tread in your tires. Measure your tread depth. Have you heard about the “Lincoln Test”? Take a penny and put it inside of the tread in your tires. If you can see the head of Mr. Lincoln, then you should definitely change your tires first chance you get. Always carry another set of tires for an emergency so that you can install them if stuck.

Proper Oiling Has To Be Seen Throughout The Car

An average car has over 30,000 parts in it. So a regular checkup for the most important ones is necessary. Always check for the usage of your car before you drive. Precipitation in the winter season can degrade your brake fluids. Always get the regular one suitable for the season. Buy “Winter Washing Fluids” for your car in wipers. It can stay present for longer duration and does not freeze rapidly.

Check for the organized and proper amount of engine antifreeze and coolant levels. It is the magical substance that keeps your engine warm when you need it the most. Proper oil change for your engine has also to be covered. Go for the oils which have low viscosity and readily flow. And if you want to go technical, then 5W-30 oil is always a better option than a 10W-30 oil in the winters.

Fill Your Gas Tank More Than Half Of The Total

In the winters, it is always implied to have more than half of the total amount of fuel in the tank. Not only it can save you while you have lost track, but it also keeps the moisture out of the tank. More space in the tank means more space for moisture to fill up. So this directly dilutes the car fuel and puts the pump under more strain, which already faces heavy traction. And imagine, if that moisture freezes in the tank, then the damage can really be substantial. So always make it full or almost full in the fuel tank.

Say No To Ice On Windshields

In Winter, the most common problem that a vehicle owner faces is the collection of moist or ice depending upon the area you reside in. The first glimpse of the sun brings down your eyes narrow to your windshield heavily drenched in ice and water. And nobody likes it as it takes a good amount of time to wipe it when you’re already late for work. So what’s the solution to this mind-deviating problem.

There are two cases, first, if there is no ice or moist present. To prevent any collection, mix Vinegar and water in a 3:1 ratio and spray it on your windshield and your mirrors before sleeping. A small amount of this solution on each reflecting mirror can prevent any formation of ice in the mirror.

Secondly, if it is already present and you need to remove it as quickly as possible. Then take some amount of rubbing alcohol (your aftershave can work together), water, and one drop of dish detergent. Apply this solution and wait for some time and voila! It works just fine.

A study done by MIT shows that on average, an American spends 38 hours in traffic each year. And when it increases in Winter due to the above reasons not applied to your car. A healthy car means a safe drive for you and your loved ones, and it always ensures their journey home back.

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