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Top 11 ways to watermark your images and photos

Have you ever required or needed to watermark a photo/image as yours to keep others from copying it and/or guaranteeing it as their own? You may definitely realize that this is called watermarking. The procedure is really straightforward, however discovering a proficient, simple and modest approach to watermark photographs isn’t generally as simple. The following are top 11 ways to watermark your image/photos.

Water Marquee

WaterMarquee is a free online tool that allows people to watermark images to protect their copyrights. If you are going to publish your photographs online and are looking for an easy way to watermark images online for free, check out WaterMarquee. One of the best things is that you don’t have to install any application to complete this task. You have the option to add a text or image as a watermark as well.


Photobulk is the one of the simplest yet most effective way to watermark your photos and images. This iOS app serves to apply a text/picture watermark, also resize it and optimize bundle of pictures or photographs in only a single click. Even a user can also rename various pictures and change over to the most prominent format in just minimum time.


PhotoMarks is a batch photo editing and resizing tool, which also offers the option to watermark apart from several tens of filters and adjustment options. Each of these filters are customizable to every extent as possible like those offered by industry leading image editors. The entire process is presented to the user like a wizard, which can be completed in a few steps. PhotoMarks works on Windows and macOS operating systems.



PicMark is an advanced online site that permits you to include a text and border as a watermark to the picture. In case if you are happy with the progressions, you are given the alternative to share it to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Picmark does not offer batch altering, picture watermarking,however it only offer text watermarking.

Watermark Tool


Watermark Tool is the intense online watermarking software that permits you to rapidly and effectively ensure your pictures with an obvious watermark. With the numerous watermarking alternatives accessible, it helps you to customize your pictures in a number of ways – including content size, color, and position.

watermarkws permits you to include either text or a picture as a watermark and the content can be tweaked in the text style and color, but in its angle and pixels size contrasted with the picture. You additionally can pick between a single or titled watermark.



iwatermark is one of the popular iOS app that provide to watermark images in more simple pattern. The immense thing about iWatermark ($2) is that your alternatives aren’t constrained to text. You can likewise make your own realistic, mark, or QR watermarks on a really simple stage. Or if you prefer, you can also choose among the more than 20 high-res watermark illustrations.

TSR Watermark


You can watermark with a picture, text or add an effect and in addition use multiple at ones. For example, in the event that you’d like to incorporate a picture, impact and text, you can. You can likewise alter the transparency, watermark location, point, embed symbols or picture details, and so on.TSR Watermark is compatible with Windows.


WaterMarkLib, is a simple program that can batch edit and watermarks with text/content and pictures. WaterMarkLib allow batch altering, text and picture watermarking, however does not offer a convenient or pro version. WML is just compatible with Windows.

Alamoon Watermark


Alamoon Watermark is a great watermarking tool on the off chance that you just need to watermark with content and one picture at once. The interface is easy to utilize and the procedure is simple. The text watermarking tool offers a few incredible components that are important and makes the program more competitive.



uMark has an extremely pleasant, simple to utilize interface that makes watermarking pictures fast and easy. uMark support text and picture watermarking. uMark batch edits 50 pictures at one time for free, in spite of the fact that it has a pro version. uMark is currently only compatible for Windows.


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