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Why Would Someone Do a Background Check on You?

Technology makes doing background checks much less complicated than it once was. The result is that it is now common to perform background checks for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons for a background check include:

  • Pre-employment screening. Over 90% of employers now perform pre-employment background checks. These help the employer know if a potential employee has a criminal background. Background checks also confirm prior work and educational history, along with credit history, and previous drug screen information. Companies are taking this step to limit their liability, and some insurance companies require this step for employers.
  • People are performing background checks on those they wish to employ to care for their children or work in their homes. It is prudent to do a background check on someone who will be entrusted with your children. All reputable employment agencies that offer nanny services perform extensive background checks and bpss clearance before hiring.
  • It is also common to do a background check on housekeepers, contractors, and others who will have access to a home. If someone is going to give you access to their house, they may do a background check first.
  • Many volunteer positions require background checks. If you are going to volunteer to work with children or other vulnerable people, expect a background check. Even volunteering at your child’s school will probably require a background check.
  • Background checks are also commonly done for potential romantic partners. It takes time to build trust in a new relationship. With so many dangers in the world, many people are taking the added precaution of paying for a background check before entering into a relationship.
  • Entering into a business relationship or partnership often leads to one or both parties performing a background check. Before you allow someone access to your business, you want to know their history. Potential investors often run background checks before committing to investing in a company.
  • Landlords often perform background checks before they will rent to someone. As a landlord, you want to know if this person damaged previous rentals. You also want information about their credit to confirm that they have a decent payment history.
  • Litigation often spawns a background check. If you are involved in a lawsuit, the other party may do a background check. If you have a history of being the plaintiff in frivolous lawsuits, this will help their case. If you are the defendant, they are hoping to find something in your background to support their claim.

Background checks are now common in many situations. If you have something in your past that might cause concern, it is better to address it upfront. Being forthcoming gives you a chance to explain the circumstances instead of waiting to see if the other party discovers it.

If you are unsure of what your background check might reveal, consider having a background check done on yourself. Visit to order your background check. Forewarned by knowing what is on a background check, you will not be blindsided when it comes up. Your honesty, before a background check, will leave a more favorable impression. It also allows you to address any errors on your report.


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