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What is JD Edwards software used for?

The rate at which the ERP technology is changing is faster than the ability of any organization to adapt to such changes. Hence, there are chances your business might be operating on an out of date ERP system. Software firms like Oracle do spend millions, if not billions of dollars on development and research. With new enhancements being introduced to an ERP, companies have to decide on how and how they will leverage such tools in their organizations and companies.

The JD Edwards software is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning and supply chain management solution that offers ERP tools and applications for human resources, consumer goods, manufacturing sectors, distribution and finance. It can cater for large, midsize and small businesses. The primary features of JD Edwards Training software include asset lifecycle management, financial management, order management, reporting and business intelligence, CRM, project management, manufacturing and supply chain planning and logistics.

Here are some of the uses of a JD Edwards Software together with its benefits.

1. Its Features are Game Changers

The JD Edwards Software has game-changing features that come with several benefits. Its game-changing features leverage some of the latest ERP technology trends that include machine learning and IoT. The feature also enables it to move from reactive to proactive using tools like watch lists and notifications. It also leverages the citizen developer capabilities to help in reducing modifications. It also enables it to take advantage of enhanced modules such as Joint venture management and lease accounting.

2. Path to Digital Innovation

For years now, digital transformation has been a buzz word and it is quickly gaining momentum as a business strategy. Most of the top enterprises are today moving towards a continuous innovation by the use of digital technologies and the companies running JDE are of no different. Organizations that have committed themselves to use JD Edwards Training software are leveraging on the modern ERP capabilities with machine learning, IoT and movement towards the autonomous ERP. Digital ERP is not static as it is real-time and is at the heart of every business.

Investing in digital transformation is an excellent opportunity to help increase engagement of the employee together with ensuring the adoption of ERP to the user. Having talented employees involved who are aware of the old processes and are excited about the improvement is a great way that will help in ensuring the use of new technology is implemented successfully.

3. Less effort and Cost in Your Future with JD Edwards

For anyone who has upgraded to us of JD Edwards software and maintains a strategic roadmap, the payoff means cost reduction and more effort moving forward. The product team at JD Edwards did come up with a new strategy for the JD Edwards software roadmap. Instead of significant releases in need of big upgrade projects, the JD Edwards has now adopted a delivery model that will match the enterprise software trends in the market. For example, instead of the JD Edwards team realizing version 9.3, the team is instead looking for ways to enhance its 9.2 code. After getting to 9.2, you will have access to more new feature innovations and packs without any significant upgrade work. Having access to the latest features comprises of better user experience for the team.


Oracle is continuing to enhance its JD Edwards software to become the world’s leading-edge ERP platform. The initiative of Oracle for the JD Edwards software comprises of development tools which do not need any programming knowledge, mobile applications, user interface with several personalized features and internet.

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