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The Technosexual Future

The influence of technology on all aspects of human life has always been a huge query. For decades writers, artists, and futurologists have been presenting to us different pictures of where our affair with technology could take us. Like it or not, we’re surrounded by technology more and more closely. Now more and ever it’s time to investigate its role in our sex life in particular.

Some say it’s sex and money that rules the world. We must admit — we also find this statement true. We can’t deny that technology also has its fingers in this evil mess. Although, is it to blame for all that’s wrong in this world? Should we expect the worst in the following decades? Let’s try to clarify some of our fears and doubts!

Silicon Wife and Organic Husband

We’re simple people. The first thing that comes up to our minds when we’re thinking about the human sex life of the future are relationships with sex robots. Life-sized Silicon Wives really can stimulate one’s imagination and create insane futuristic visions. Are they that insane, though?

Declared technosexuals are among us already, the future is happening right now. It may scare us at the moment, disgust us even. And yet, it’s nothing more but… the natural order of things.

Speaking of technosexuality it’d be rude not to mention famous Davecat — a man living in an official relationship with two synthetic life partners. Davecat tries to explain what role this particular relationship plays in his life.

He wants to educate us to accept the variety of love. Love and desire that don’t do any harm and let him enjoy his sex and emotional life the way he likes. Thanks to his story we also get to know the correct and respectful terminology for the technosexual society. Sex doll or sex toy are unacceptable. Instead of that, we should use synthetic human and organic human as the opposite.

He’s fully aware that his wife and girlfriend are dolls. That’s the kind of love life he feels the best in. It seems that he’s a happy and fulfilled human being. Or — an organic man.

A.I. Romance

Even though Davecat is genuinely happy with his life and has been inspiring others to follow their technosexual dreams, he admits that there’s one teeny-tiny thing missing — mutuality. Or, to be more specific — interaction.

You’re coming home after a long, harsh day, where your beloved synthetic life partner is waiting for you. You’re cuddling in into their arms and complaining about that stubborn client you had to deal with and unfair boss of yours. Suddenly you realize that without you talking, there’s just an absolute stillness.

No hug in return, no warm words of comfort.

But no worries, there’s no need to throw yourself into organic arms right away. Davecat’s dreams of returned touch and conversations came true already. Robotic girlfriends no longer exist in movies and laboratories exclusively. You can bring your long-awaited A.I. romance home for less than $4.000 already.

Could it even be better?

Of course, it could be better. The more you have, the more you want, isn’t that true? For decades we’ve been watching sci-fi movies where androids with an advanced A.I. are playing significant parts.

Precisely. An advanced A.I. That’s what we’re waiting for in our bedrooms.

In interviews with Davecat, we can hear that he’d rather not live in a 100% human relationships because of the frightening aspect of unpredictability. Humans use each other, abuse, manipulate, break each other’s hearts, cause serious traumas and trust issues. Now your silicon wife would never do anything to hurt you. She’s right there for you, ready to sacrifice all her days to be with you in sickness or in health, in youthfulness or in the old age. Right there. Just in the spot where you put her. Always.


See, we don’t know about you, Dear Reader, but for us, predictability in sex is an actual torment. Unfortunately, it’s still inevitable while having sex with a doll — neither with the most basic one nor an A.I. sex partner.

Imagine: laying down in bed with the most perfect synthetic girl next to you. You can experiment with the craziest sex positions or having sex JUST the way you love it and she’ll always be amazed, satisfied. She can even scream in pleasure with you.

What’s the catch then?

She can touch you. Wherever and however you want. It’s just you have to put her hand, foot or mouth in the wished place. Every move is known. Every move is planned and made by yourself.

We all need the decision-making ability of both sides in our sex life.

Sex of The Future BETA

We already have the opportunity of having a relationship with a talking sex doll. The more you talk with them, the better their conversation ability gets. A small aspect of interaction has been fulfilled then. But without our silicon lovers’ unpredictability, we still have to live in kind of a BETA technosexual world of the future.

Now we all are waiting for our future synthetic wives to make the move.

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