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Smartwatches vs. Analog Watches: A brief Summary

In this age where technology is everywhere, some might think that analog watches are mere fashion accessories and serve no other purpose. Which is basically true but that doesn’t change the fact that analog watches have stood the test of time longer than any other invention in history and it is only now that they are beginning to show their age.

On the other hand, others believe that it is vital to keep pace with constant technological innovations to make their lives easier and hence why smartwatches are a hot craze at the moment.  Surely they do a lot more than traditional analogue watches, which is why you might be stuck when choosing between a high quality analogue watch and a smart watch. Below are a few pros and cons for both, that should aid you in the buying process.

The Common Pros and Cons of Smartwatches

Currently, there is a rising trend among gadget enthusiasts in wearing smartwatches and for good reason. However depending on your preferences you might not need a smartwatch. Here are a few pros and cons:


You never miss a call

Smartwatches give a vibration whenever someone is calling you. This perk can be helpful, particularly when you are in a rush that you can’t feel the vibration coming from your phone.

Also, you can decide whether you want to answer the call or ignore it by glancing at the watch and see who is calling.

Fast access to notifications

Smartwatches do not only tell you the time, but also show you notifications while allowing you to access them instantly. This can be useful for people that are constantly connected to the internet and receive a lot of notifications.

Much more Functionality

Smartwatches are so called because they have additional functionality like Heart Rate Tracker, GPS, Internet access and so on. It is a versatile gadget that does a lot more in a compact package.


Very tiny screen

When you get plenty of notifications, you might perceive that everything is messy because all of these notifications will be inside the tiny screen of a smartwatch. If you have a vision problem, then a smartwatch is not the best thing for you.

Poor battery life

Smartwatches, because of their dimensions suffer from poor battery life. Depending on the usage pattern, it might not last you for even a whole day. making matters worse, situations where you forget to charge your smartwatch before you use it aren’t uncommon.

Product of Planned Obsolescence 

Smartwatches are essentially miniaturized smartphones that are updated every year. This is in stark contrast to the fact that analog watches are often built to last a lifetime.  Smartwatches are built as a consumable commodity rather than as a product for the long run. Hence, like your smartphone, you might need to upgrade your smartwatch very often as the older versions won’t be able to deploy new features.

The Common Pros and Cons of Analog Watches

An analog watch possesses an elegance that never fades. Even in today’s digital age, many people still choose traditional timepieces than modern ones. However, analog watches still have their share of advantages and disadvantages, and here are a few of them.


A class of their own

Just like Omega Speedmaster, a luxury wristwatch is special, unique, and can last a lifetime. Tiny functioning parts attract the eye, and luxurious features generate a stunning impact of class to its wearer. Besides, precious metals, diamonds, and intricate quality give luxury watches an added visual appeal.

It can last a lifetime

Since the craftsmanship of traditional timepieces is unquestionable, some of the most reliable wristwatches can stand the test of time and can still function at best after you pass it to your kids. You can precisely describe luxury timepieces as wearable art, and most of them come with an interesting.

Still Has good functionality

If you are willing to spend for a premium watch, then chances are that you can get away with some decent functionality as well like – altitude meter, chronograph, GPS, Time Zones and so on. All of this without compromising on planned obsolescence or shoddy build quality.


Comfort can be an issue

Analog watches can be heavy sometimes due to their superior build materials, which might not be to everyone taste.

Some brands are pricey

Just like a luxury item, a luxury watch can be particularly pricey because its price relies on market position and popularity. The more famous the brand of the timepiece is, the more expensive it becomes.

To Conclude

Choosing either a smartwatch or analog is entirely up to you. Remember to be practical and choose the one that fits your daily routine.

While smartwatches have their ways of making your digital life easier, such as checking your email, social media, and using other helpful apps, analog timepieces possess simplicity and a class of their own and that they marvel in their elegance.

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