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SEO on Amazon: improving visibility in the Marketplace

Amazon has gradually transformed into a hypercompetitive environment. More and more eCommerce companies have found business opportunities there. If you are one of these businesses or you are thinking about it, you need to know many things about Amazon SEO in order for your product to sell and be successful.

SEO for Amazon is important

First of all, emphasize that it exists and it is there. Based on what is the definition of the acronym SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can perform actions that allow you to improve your ranking in any search engine and, of course, the search engine of Amazon is no exception.

Let’s make it clear to what extent it is important with some numbers made public by the company itself. We are talking about a percentage of 70% of users not passing the first page of results returned by the search engine, 35% of which click on the first product (64% in the first three).

For Amazon to this holds true as most customers will only review the top searches based on the keyword they are searching for. Being on the top of this list on relevant and desired keywords is essential in order to gain traffic and sales.

How does it work?

The first thing to understand to do SEO is what determines the positions in which a particular article appears when searching for a specific word. All this is based on an algorithm, if you have heard about search engine positioning like Google you will already be more than familiar.

Amazon’s own algorithm is called A9 and processes 45 million searches every day, including those that are made by entering keywords as well as searches within the books of its database.

The most striking aspect of this algorithm is that it begins to work before the search even occurs. This is because first they are dedicated to indexing all the products linking them with the texts of their descriptions, then they analyze and identify previous search patterns. This way the search engine is able to make instant suggestions as we type.

The more the algorithm is updated and polished, the better it is able to interpret complex search intentions or correct human errors that can (for example) occur when typing. All that artificial intelligence is particularly enhanced when we are logged in because it has parameters such as our gender, language, search and shopping history, etc.

This powerful algorithm is also behind the search for images through its app and is responsible for managing to advertise so it basically manages everything we see when interacting with Amazon.

Ranking factors in A9

Let’s try to understand a little better how it works. The academic definition of the terms algorithm can be quite dense, but basically it consists of a sequence of instructions that lead to a result.

We can say that in the case of A9 there are certain own ranking factors that, the more optimized they are, the more they boost the position in which a certain product appears in the results sheets of their search engine. The greatest relevance for the client is always pursued because this results in greater conversion. Let’s see what they are.

Sales: let’s not fool ourselves because this is what really matters to Amazon. The more it sells the easier it will be to appear in the results.

Assigned category: at the time of uploading a new product it falls into a category. This is very relevant for SEO, so think carefully.

Fulfillment: who is responsible for selling and delivering the product? There are four assumptions that I will cite in order of SEO relevance. Sold and shipped by Amazon, Prime product, sold by a third party but with logistics and shipping by Amazon and, lastly, sold and shipped by a third party.

Keywords: these must appear in the contents of the file (long and short descriptions, details, technical data, etc) in order to provide information to A9 about what the product is.

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