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Benefits of Managed IT Services for SMB’s in Toronto

Operational inefficiencies and rising costs are some of the biggest hurdles that lead to better business in Toronto. Small and medium enterprises’ use of information technology can be frustrating due to lack of access to enough resources, funds and expertise. All these problems do lead to overspending, missed opportunities and bad business decisions.

However, entering into a partnership with a managed it services in Toronto will help in taking the frustration out of the IT department and transform it into a competitive benefit that comprises of IT support and IT consulting. Despite being different services, there are also overlapping features. Here are the main advantages a managed IT services can bring to an SMB in Toronto.

1. Scaling

As a small or medium-sized business, it is impossible to hire new personnel every time you require a new skill. However, an MSP will help you scale your internal expertise depending on need; hence, you will not have to create or hire for 40 hours per week. Having the right partnership means not having to select between a security and cloud professional on a small budget. One of the main reasons why small businesses do partner with an MSP is due to increased efficiency.

2. Skills

According to a recent salesforce study, hiring the right type of talent is one of the leading IT challenges for up to 60% of small and medium-sized businesses. An MSP will be in a position of providing you with access to enterprise experts on a low budget. There are times when an unbiased third party will make all the difference.

3. Strategy

Do you imagine a moment when you will be in a position of outsourcing all your least tech work to an MSP such as handling a printer that needs patching or maintenance? In case your IT team is not fighting fires always, it is ideal to focus on more strategic advancements.

4. Visibility

There are high chances that your endpoints and network are a patchwork of different vendors. The correct type of Medium Service Provider for your Small and medium-sized business is one that does not just manage a single brand of devices that. Your partner needs to be in a position to get in touch with several vendor networks to enable him to identify and rank the risks without providing any difficult sales pitch.

5. Financial Flexibility

Resources are usually limited in small and medium-sized businesses. According to research findings, 57% of the small and medium business leaders did reveal that access to capital is a source of stress. Any MSP is capable of introducing new financial models that will play to your business advantage.

6. Security

Risks associated with cybersecurity have been more significant and there is a shortage of qualified security personnel. Almost half of all the small and medium-sized businesses do anticipate that up to half of their cybersecurity needs will be outsourced in the coming years.

7. Increase in Productivity

Entering into a partnership with an MSP will help in streamlining the troubleshooting and maintenance process, which will lead to a rise in productivity. It will help you have a faster resolution time o for problems and on-demand solutions to your technology problems.


It is not a secret that most small and medium-sized businesses in Toronto fear outsourcing IT professionals. However, they need to consider this as an opportunity. The right managed it services in Toronto will help in the development of strategies that will lead to the improvement of business performance at a cost and speed that will make sense to your business.

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