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3 Freelance Careers in the Tech Industry

Did you know the tech industry has more jobs than people to fill them? There’s a big demand for people with tech skills, so much so that many companies will hire freelancers to fill the positions. If you’re interested in getting a job in tech, check out these 3 freelance careers that can help you make ends meet.

1. Programming

Programming is one tech job where freelancing is most common because there are so many diverse positions that need to be filled. Thankfully, many programming languages share commonalities, making it easier for programmers to learn new languages. A good example of programming languages that share attributes is Python vs. Ruby. These two languages have similarities that could make it easier to learn one once you’re learned the other.

For instance, they’re both based in everyday language, which makes them easier to understand for beginners. Plus, they’re both open source languages, so there are no licensing fees when using them to develop. In addition, these languages can be used in industries ranging from web development to automotive manufacturing. As you can see, being a programmer can provide you with transferable skills that apply to many different industries, and that might make it a little easier to find freelance work as a programmer.

2. Project Management

The role of a project manager has a lot to do with organizational, leadership, and communication skills. In the tech industry, a good project manager also requires technical knowledge pertaining to the project. Folks in these positions have to gather a lot a information from many different sectors of the business to help make the outcome successful. They’re often responsible for managing expectations from higher ups and getting the project completed in a timely manner without overworking their team. It’s a delicate balance.

Positions in technical project management are often only for experts in the field. For example, if you’re a team lead who’s worked on many successful mobile applications, it might be time for you to test out your project management skills. Getting a freelance position as a project manager often means your contract ends when the project is complete. That’s why a freelance position might be the perfect way to test your proficiency as a project manager.

3. Graphic Design

Graphic designers can find freelance work in the tech industry, too. When you think about it, almost all websites and applications need graphic art. From logos to buttons, there’s so much for a freelance graphic artist in tech to do. That means contracts or positions you take on as a tech graphic designer can be big or small. For example, a new application developer might want you to create a logo for their company. On the other hand, you might be asked to design menu icons for their website.

Whatever the task, you can be sure that freelance design work in the tech industry is likely here to stay. As the tech industry continues to mature, it’s probably going to offer a lot of opportunities to freelance graphic artists. Tech is still in an era of very rapid change and growth, so there are likely to be opportunities no one has even seen yet. For graphic artists, this could mean a lot of new freelance opportunities with small startups.

Freelancing in Tech

Finding a freelance job in technology might not be as difficult as you think. In fact, given the right skills, you might find more freelance work than you thought. People with any kind of programming skills are likely to find some individual or business that is in need of their expertise on a freelance basis. Likewise, project managers for one-off development cycles may also find luck in the freelance world. Even graphic designers could find it lucrative and rewarding to get into freelance work in the tech industry. Working on your own time in tech is a possibility that may be worth pursuing.

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