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The Ideas Behind The Significance Of Regression Testing

Each time a software code is updated, and automated regression test becomes necessary. No one is happy about having to perform the same duties over again numerous times, but most software is written in a way that contains multiple linking components meaning that when one part has been altered, the other elements are affected.

Regression testing becomes a necessity to verify that the new aspect has not affected any of the functionality of the parts that worked prior to it being added. Human testers can perform the regression testing manually or automated regression testing scripts can be written in order that the testing can be done quickly.

Regression Tests

When a change has been made to the software’s code or it’s the environment, it then becomes a requirement that the critical components of that software be re-tested to ensure that the changes that were made have not compromised any aspect of the software’s functionality. This is what an automated regression test does. Regression testing can also be done on all updated software manually by human testers. It is not specific for software testing automation.

There are benefits to the automated process as opposed to human testers in that a written script is able to verify that specific functions of a software’s code are still in working order much faster. Writing an automated script for a regression test that may be repeated over 500 different times can save a lot of time and expense.

When To Do Regression Testing

Each time the software has a change or is updated or a bug has been fixed, a regression test should be performed. It is necessary to make sure that nothing has been broken while these alterations were being made. If there is an environment where updates are constantly occurring, regression testing is vital. With every change, there is a new threat of the interlocking system developing some type of malfunction.

Benefit For Automated Regression Tests

Automated regression testing is able to finish the repetitive duties much faster and allows the software developers and testers to move on to work that is much more crucial. It can be particularly helpful when testing is required to look at the same section of code to make sure that it is functioning in multiple different scenarios.

Integrated Software

There are times that regression testing is necessary even when the software code has not changed, e.g. if the software has been integrated with another person’s code. That person has a change in software code will alter how it will work with your software. A majority of companies offering integration allow for backward compatibility, but if integration has occurred, it’s best to do a regression test to be safe.

An automated regression test is a very powerful tool for quality assurance. It catches issues before they turn into major problems. It keeps the software developers and testers free for other key aspects of development and maintains the software’s ability to run effectively and efficiently.

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