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Industry-Specific Tech You Should Learn More About

Whether you are for or against technological advancement, the fact that technology has and will completely alter the way we live our lives cannot be discarded. For instance, handheld technology is an essential part of today’s world, and it is possible that in the future entire businesses will be run only via smartphones. Given the widespread impact of technology, one can only stand to benefit from learning more about it.

Knowing about technology that does not necessarily overlap with your personal and professional life can especially be of use in unexpected ways. In fact, an article on Medium quotes Adam Grant’s bestseller “Originality” that talks about the need to “have a combination of both broad and deep experience to drive creativity.” Grant argues that “you need to have deep expertise coupled with a broad diversity of experience to be able to identify a creative idea.”


In this way, having a diverse knowledge of technology can only get you further in your career. Here’s a mixed bag of tech trivia that you should try and understand, even if it doesn’t apply to your daily work:

Specialty Printers

If you’re struggling with retaining the attention of your consumers, specialty printers might be the solution you’re looking for. They are especially great to have if you’re making your own marketing materials, as they allow you to create appealing and attention-grabbing visual solutions.

Using a specialty printer will ensure that your brand doesn’t go unnoticed, and knowing how the machinery works can aid with purchasing decisions. Learning about defects like bleeds, mottling, dirty prints, and more can decrease your dependency on experts and ultimately make for better marketing material.


Typically understood as a method of getting rid of unnecessary paper, shredding is also a significant tool for security purposes. Shredding allows for confidential documents and sensitive information to be disposed of in a careful and responsible manner. It is thus advisable to choose a shredding method that is long-lasting and efficient.

For example, cross-cutters are more efficient than strip cutters and shred documents into finer pieces. Today, specific types of shredders are available for every requirement and can dispose of a variety of commercial waste. These make for a safer alternative when it comes to getting rid of hard drives, mobiles, and other waste without compromising information and security. Responsible disposal and/or recycling of electronic waste can also benefit the environment, with certain shredders that provide exactly this service.

Metal Detectors

While we are all familiar with metal detectors and often walk through them, we rarely stop to wonder about how they work. A landmark in security protocol all over the world, metal detectors are known to all but understood by very few. The days of metal detectors only being used in airports are long gone. Today, metal detectors are used everywhere from corporations to nightclubs to courthouses and more. In fact, a variety of different types of metal detectors exist to serve different functions and combat various security threats. Knowing the specifics can help you better prepare for travel and other security entrances, and also give you more context for news stories where metal detectors were used to find dangerous or forbidden objects.

Single zone and multi-zone metal detectors, for instance, are great for identifying threats. However, multi-zone detectors, unlike single-zone detectors, can identify the exact location of the target, enabling swift and effective action. Other facets to explore include configuration — whether the detector can be moved around or is stationed in one place. The configuration is often determined by the location and business needs. Manuals and direct guides make for great resources to further understand the role of metal detection in security.

Random Number Generators

Random number generators (RNGs) is the technology used to keep any form of online gaming fair play. With the advent of online gambling, it’s good to understand how games like video poker, online slots, and more function. The gamble usually remains the same, but with clever coding techniques, RNGs allow for these gambling games to become accessible online.

RNGs generate unpredictable patterns that make online games similar to live ones. For instance, in video poker, the RNG does the shuffling to keep the game fair and neat. As we’ve mentioned in a previous article, this “prevents both the player and the game system from cheating and predicting which card is going to come next. If the next card will be random, there is no way of telling who will win the round until it is time for the cards to be revealed.”

While understanding RNG technology is essential for online gamblers; exploring this technology also has benefits for those who want to use gamification in business endeavors. For instance, RNGs can be applied to apps and websites to create contests for your consumers as a means of marketing your product and creating brand awareness in a fun manner.

While you might not use these variants of technology on a day-to-day basis, understanding it can come in handy at any point in your personal and professional life. At the least, knowing about various technological options gives you something to fall back on should you ever be at a loose end when it comes to solving random business problems. Ultimately, it is prudent to venture outside your path and discover new developments that don’t always overlap with your everyday needs. Given the way our world is shaped by technology, it is only helpful to learn and know more every day.

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