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Published on October 15th, 2019 | by Sumit Bhowal


4 Ways On How Cloud Computing Is Enhancing Online Gaming

If you are a gamer in today’s time then you are probably all too familiar with cloud computing technology. At the very least, you have probably used cloud computing technology and just didn’t know that you were using it. When someone talks about cloud computing or cloud computing technology they are simply talking about having the ability to install their files on an external server. Say that you are playing a game PS4 and want to continue playing your character over at your friend’s house on the same game.

You no longer have to physically take a memory stick or USB drive to your friend’s home. You just log into the game’s server and download your character from the game’s server. This is cloud computing technology and this is just one of the many ways it is enhancing online gaming.

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No Need To Lug Around Equipment

Another major and obvious advantage of cloud computing technology is that you no longer have to lug around your console or USB devices. Yes, most USB memory sticks today are small, compact, and durable, but there is always the chance that you could lose or damage the drive. Whatever the situation is it doesn’t really matter because cloud computing technology eliminates this altogether. You don’t have to carry around anything!

It’s Safer

Speaking of security, a gamer can never be too careful. Natural disasters and electrical fires randomly happen all the time. They might be rare, but there is still that slight chance they could happen to you. With cloud technology, you never have to worry about losing your games saves, characters, and files that you have been building for years and years. Cloud computing is just safer! No one would want to lose all their slot online account information. Backing your account info on a cloud server will ensure that your account is always safe.

It’s Potentially Cheaper

People that enjoy different genres of games probably have several hard drives or at least one massive drive chocked full of data. Just remember what you paid for those storage devices. Cloud computing technology could potentially be cheaper because it would eliminate the need to buy these devices. Most gaming services like PlayStation Plus and X-box Live give you limited cloud storage. They might only offer a limited amount of storage, but it is still more storage than what you would get what an additional hard drive purchase.

It isn’t cheap being a gamer. Games and online subscriptions cost a lot of money. If there is any area where you can save a little bit of money then you should jump on that chance. Just think of the extra money as funds that you can spend on more games or online offerings.

Lets You Go Next Generation

Gaming companies are always coming out with next-gen consoles that offer better quality gaming technology and graphics. If you want to switch to the next-gen console, but still have the ability to play your old games you are going to need cloud storage. Most people might try to bring up the argument that you could just continue to play your old games on the old console, but just imagine playing your old favorite games with smoother graphics and gameplay.

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