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What is the Importance of Business Intelligence Tools in Today’s Ecommerce

The term ‘Business Intelligence’ is a no-brainer for everyone who doesn’t know the meaning and will automatically connect it to how e-commerce can be successful. Although many businesses and companies haven’t the slightest clue as to how important it is in e-commerce, they still implement them anyway because it’s part of the trend.

To put it simply, using business intelligence can provide you with information to allow businesses and companies to make significant decisions to enhance their marketing strategies. Using different types of business intelligence tools can open up new opportunities in the e-commerce industry by enabling you to collect better data and to implement them into advertising.

There are a lot of things you should keep in mind whenever you enter the e-commerce industry. Implementing the proper business intelligence tools will be able to help attract the attention of new customers and to be able to expand your brand recognition to boost lead conversions and sales. Read on to know more about the importance of business intelligence tools in today’s E-commerce.

Business Intelligence Tools to Support Your Business

Software capable of analyzing, collecting, and presenting either big data or data with regards to your business is basically business intelligence. There is embedded business intelligence software available to help in creating reports from the gathered raw data and in data analysis to provide the most important insights of information that benefits your business.

In the e-commerce industry, knowing the best way to enhance your marketing, sales, and customer service can help you stay on the cutting edge. By capitalizing on business intelligence tools, your online business can enhance your marketing, make better decisions, gain more sales, and have happier and satisfied customers.

Since business intelligence tools like balanced scorecard help you understand the latest news and trends about data, you’ll be able to make strategic and tactical business decisions more effectively. Depending on how you use business intelligence tools to support your business, data discovery will never be impossible if you know how to maximize the use of these tools.

Data Mining and Warehousing

The business intelligence tools responsible for organizing and analyzing your data are data mining and warehousing programs and software. Data warehousing software such as Google BigQuery, SAP, Oracle, IBM, and more helps collect and organize data for numerous sources to make it easily accessible by putting the sets of data in one database.

Data mining software is responsible for analyzing large volumes of data to discover patterns, compiling the patterns of data into more actionable information. Further, the technological advancements of Data mining software make use of AI, database systems, specific algorithms, and statistical analysis to analyze and organize all the data.

A few of the best data mining software businesses use is Rapid Miner, Orange, Weka, and more. The unique features such as having an integrated environment for machine learning, deep learning, predictive analysis, and text mining have a reduced number of errors.

Data mining and warehouse software allow businesses in the e-commerce industry to make sense of overlooked information. Business owners will also be able to find the best solutions and conclusions that can benefit the workplace and the workforce

Reporting Software and Dashboards

Reporting software and dashboards also called key performance indicators or KPI Dashboard software is the most irreplaceable business intelligence tool for businesses in any industry. The reason being is that KPI Dashboard software allows businesses to visualize their important metrics as well as to collect, group, and organize them.

Businesses and companies will also be able to know the success of their business through the key performance indicators in real-time. Knowing the success of your business using success indicators can help you come up with informed decisions and solutions to achieve long-term goals that can greatly contribute to the growth and success of your business.

One KPI Dashboard software, Scoro, allows you to have a complete overview of every part of your business either into one or several dashboards. Essential parts of the business such as budgets, forecasts, projects, sales, and the team’s performance can be easily tracked down in real-time.

Online Analytical Processing

Online analytical processing or OLAP allows you to choose specific data and to view it from various angles. Viewing data from different points of view allows you to analyze certain sections of the data for you to focus on and improve in the future. Online analytical processing is extremely effective especially if your online business is handling a wide selection of data. When you use snowflake row level security, you can have data access control system in place where you can decide what the users can access.

Analysts in the e-commerce industry need to effectively aggregate, group, and join data, it can be challenging and time-consuming when it comes to large amounts of Big Data or data. Analysts can improve their data analysis by making it faster and more efficient using OLAP.

Online analytics processing can also be used for data mining as well as to finding the loopholes of indifferent overlook data to connect each of them to find their relationship. Keep in mind that the size online analytical processing database doesn’t have to be the same as a data warehouse since you’ll only need a specific amount of data for trend analysis.

Boost Sales

Business intelligence tools are extremely useful when it comes to helping boost sales since you’ll be able to identify opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling. After collecting useful insights on each consumer’s behavior, you can create sales models that you can slowly improve through the trial-and-error of sales representatives.

Improving your sales models every time you get useful insight from your consumer’s behavior can enable your sales representatives to up-sell and cross-sell your products. Meeting the expectations, interests, and demands of the consumers in your target market can help you gain success in the future.

Another benefit of utilizing business intelligence tools is that you’ll be able to create targeted data-driven promotions from consumers’ behaviors in your target market. Advertising products and services that strongly attracts new customers can help boost sales due to the increase of consumers interested in the products and services you promoted.


Business intelligence tools are available through software due to the innovation of technology and because businesses need them to grow. There are also a suite of software that contains almost every business intelligence tools you’ll need from monitoring your team’s performance and other essential metrics in one program.

Although having several numbers of software that contain different and unique business intelligence tools, it can be confusing over time especially with the huge amounts of big data and data. You also won’t have a hard time choosing which software is the best to use because every information is available on the internet, as well as the features that make each software unique.

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